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Tamiya Bilar 1/12


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Big scale series

Length: 333mm  (Image shows assembled and painted model kit)

Honda's 3 Liter F1 Machine 】  In 1966, Formula 1 regulations were changed and indicated a move from cars with 1.5 liter engines to those with 3 liter ones. Having finally tasted success with the 1.5 liter RA272 the year before, the green Honda engineers unfortunately had to start from scratch again, and the RA273 was not ready until the Italian GP in the 1966. Featuring a lightweight monocoque frame with aluminum panels and powered by a 90 degree V-12 engine, the car was driven by Richie Ginther and John Surtees, with Ginther finishing the season in a respectable 4th place overall.

About the Model 】  ★Length: 333mm, Width: 143mm, Height: 70mm ★Meticulously detailed V-12 engine features fuel pipes and ignition cables. The 12 exhaust funnels are made from shaved aluminum. ★Fully-movable front and rear suspensions are equipped with metal coil springs for life-like operation. ★Moving the steering wheel actually turns the front wheels. ★Nose cowling can be attached and removed even after assembly to display radiator and water tank. ★Extensive set of photo-etched parts, including brake discs, oil cooler, and steering wheel spokes are included for the ultimate finish. ★Manufacturer emblems, mirror surfaces, and instrument panel depicted with metal transfers. ★Hollow rubber tires with accurate tread patterns add to the model's racing feel. ★1 driver figure included. ★3 types of markings included to depict cars driven by Richie Ginther and John Surtees. 



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Big scale series

Length: 360mm. Image shows assembled and painted kit. 

This 1/12 scale model of the Team Lotus 49B 1968 offers excellent detail, plus photo-etched parts to further enhance your modeling experience.
★Length: 360mm, width: 165mm, height: 122mm. ★The model captures the car's slim, compact form. ★Movable suspension utilizes realistic mechanism.
★DFV engine is recreated in detail. ★Parts are included to recreate high rear wing, as well as high front wing seen in 1969 South African Grand Prix. ★Comes with semi-pneumatic rubber tires and driver figure. ★Masking stickers are included for use when painting the model.
Tamiya Color Paints for painting the Team Lotus 49B 1968

Tamiya Colors Spray Colors
(Item No.) Tamiya Colors
Spray Colors
(Item No.) TS-8 Italian Red 85008
TS-21 Gold 85021
TS-26 Pure White 85026
TS-32 Haze Grey 85032

Tamiya Colors Acrylic Colors
(Item No.) Enamel Colors
(Item No.) Tamiya Colors Acrylic Colors
(Item No.) Enamel Colors
(Item No.) X-1 Black 81501
80001 XF-7 Flat Red 81707 80307 X-2 White 81502
80002 XF-10 Flat Brown 81710 80310


Artikelnummer: 4950344120499


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Tamiya 12049 Yardley McLaren M23 1974

Skala 1/12



Artikelnummer: 12054


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Tamiya 12054 Tyrrell 003 1971 Monaco GP - w/Photo Etched Parts

Scale 1/12 Construction type Assembly kit Photo-etch parts Included Decals Included Special feature 1 Length: 345mm, width: 170mm, height: 70mm. Special feature 2 The model expertly captures the flat "hammer head" nose of the 003 which raced in the 1971 Monaco GP, plus the rounded body panels. Special feature 3 Steering wheel moves front wheels. Special feature 4 Body upper cowling and nose parts can be removed after assembly. Special feature 5 Movable front and rear suspension incorporates coil springs. Special feature 6 Exquisite rendering of DFV engine recreates pipes and wiring. Special feature 7 Photo-etched parts included to depict brake disc, radiator, fastener and seatbelt buckle parts. Metal parts capture mirror stalks. Special feature 8

Comes with high quality Cartograf decals.

TS-15 - 100ml Blue

X-10 - 23ml Gun Metal


X-10 - 10ml Gun Metal


X-11 - 23ml Chrome Silver




Artikelnummer: 4950344120475


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This is a 1/12 scale premium assembly kit model of the Enzo Ferrari. In order to obtain an intricate level of detail, this kit is constructed from high quality materials including PS resin cowling, die-cast suspension arms and other metal parts, photo-etched meshes, and synthetic rubber tires. This model also features a one-piece monocoque frame, as well as a highly-detailed V12 engine and drivetrain. Suspension arms combine with dampers and stabilizers for an actual working suspension. Metal hinged gull-wing doors open smoothly thanks to built-in springs and dampers. Front and rear cowling can be opened allowing display of the model's internal features. This is the ultimate Ferrari aficionado car model kit.


Scale : 1/12 Construction type : Assembly kit Photo-etch parts : Included Decals : Included Special feature 1 : Newly-designed engine parts and chassis under panel. Special feature 2 : Vinyl tubing depicts ignition cords, brake cables, etc. Special feature 3 : Mesh grilles, seatbelt buckles, etc. Special feature 4 : Decals, metal transfers, side emblem stickers, masking stickers, and seatbelt stickers. Special feature 5 : 2 types of screwdrivers.


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TAMIYA 12029 Williams FW14B Renault

Skala 1/12

TS-26 - 100ml Pure White TS-29 - 100ml Semi Gloss Black TS-30 - 100ml Silver Leaf TS-34 - 100ml Camel Yellow TS-44 - 100ml Brilliant Blue X-1 - 23ml Black X-1 - 10ml Black X-10 - 23ml Gun Metal X-10 - 10ml Gun Metal X-11 - 23ml Chrome Silver X-11 - 10ml Chrome Silver X-12 - 23ml Gold Leaf X-12 - 10ml Gold Leaf X-14 - 23ml Sky Blue X-14 - 10ml Sky Blue


Artikelnummer: 12050


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TAMIYA 12050 Porsche Carrera GT

Längd 385 mm 

This is a 1/12 scale premium assembly model kit of the Porsche Carrera GT. Assembly of the delicately curved body follows that of the full-size car. Durable die-cast suspension arms are combined with working dampers and stabilizers for real-action suspension. Metal-hinged doors, hood and rear cowl open realistically to display the fully detailed interior and V10 engine. The rear wing pops up to the extended position when the license plate is pressed, while the hard-top can be removed and stored under the hood to show off the convertible style of the Porsche.

TS-14 - 100ml Black TS-17 - 100ml Aluminum Silver TS-29 - 100ml Semi Gloss Black TS-40 - 100ml Metal Black TS-42 - 100ml Light Gun Metal TS-47 - 100ml Chrome Yellow TS-8 - 100ml Italian Red X-11 - 23ml Chrome Silver X-11 - 10ml Chrome Silver X-18 - 23ml Semi Gloss Black X-18 - 10ml Semi Gloss Black X-2 - 23ml White X-2


Artikelnummer: 4950344961788


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Datsun 240 ZG Tamiya 12010

 Big Scale

Skala 1/12

Nissan S30 (säljs i Japan som Nissan Fairlady Z och på andra marknader som Datsun 240Z och senare som 260Z och 280Z) var den första generationen av Z sportig 2+2 kupéer som producerats av Nissan i Japan från 1969 till 1978.

Den ritades av en grupp ledd av Mr Yoshihiko Matsuo, chef för Nissans Sports Car Styling Studio. HLS30 är den vänsterstyrda modellen och HS30 den högerstyrda modellen.


Fairlady Z introducerades i slutet av 1969 med L20A 2,0 liters rak-6 SOHC motor, bakhjulsdrift och en elegant kupékropp. Motorn, baserad på Datsun 510, är 4-cylindrig med 150 hk (112 kW) och kom med en 5-växlad manuell växellåda. En mindre vanlig 3-växlad automatlåda fanns också. En 4-hjulig individuell fjädring bestod av MacPherson fjäderben fram (lånat från Datsun Laurel C30) och Chapman stötar. Skivbromsar fram och bak var standard.

Skala: 1:12

Längd: 355 mm

Släpptes först år 1973

Den dynamiska stilen i bilen är mycket bra återgiven i byggsatsen.

Framlucka, dörrar och baklucka är går att öppna även efter montering.

Kuggstångsstyrning gör att framhjulen rör sig när ratten rör sig.

Däcken är realistiskt avbildade med semi-pneumatisk gummi.



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