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1966 Harley-Davidson® FLH Electra Glide®


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1966 Harley-Davidson® FLH Electra Glide®

With the desires of its customers always front & center, Harley® introduced the electric-start version of its popular FL series in 1965. Now, you can own a piece of Harley-Davidson® history by parking this classic in your collection. Hand-assembled from over 125 separate parts, every detail is flawlessly captured, from each "shovelhead" cylinder head to the dual spotlights and fully instrumented control console. Hand-painted a dramatic Hi Fi Blue.


By the mid-1960s, many a "Harley-Davidson" enthusiast was clamoring for power...power...and more power. Harley-Davidson responded with the introduction of a potent new engine: one that delivered 10% more horsepower than the recently retired Panhead. Officially designated FLH, the new engine became affectionately known as the Shovelhead.


Like its predecessor, the Panhead, the descriptive nickname was inspired by the distinctive shape of the valve covers residing on top of the engine. As the power source for the Electra Glide®, the air-cooled, 74ci V-Twin produced 60hp and pampered riders with a smoother ride than the venerable Panhead. However, the fore-and-aft position of the drum brakes, a larger battery and starter produced a drag that would persist until the early 1970s, with the welcomed addition of disc brakes.


Speaking of the starter, the '66 version was basically the same 12-volt electric-start introduced the pervious year, which gave the Electra Glide® its name. Accessories included an array of "all news," running the gamut from Sportster-style carburetor, a new chrome solenoid cover, the optional, newly shaped windshield and a fuel tank console lavished with chrome trim.


For many, the Electra Glide®, gleaming in chrome as it moves effortlessly down the highway, represents the ultimate "Harley" experience--a match-made-in-heaven combination of touring bike and rebel. Your precision model captures every detail of this "Harley-Davidson" icon--from the flawlessly detailed re-creation of the legendary Shovelhead engine to the fully instrumented control console. Painted by hand in dramatic Hi-Fi Blue, it will make its presence felt in any collection.


Franklin Mint Precision Models is pleased to offer its 1:10 scale tribute to this motorcycling milestone, the 1966 Harley-Davidson® FLH Electra Glide®.



Technical Specifications

•Engine: OHV 45º V-Twin

•Displacement: 73.73 CI or 1207 CC

•Bore & Stroke: 3.44 x 3.97

•Compression: 8:1

•Horsepower: 60 @ 5,400 RPM

•Transmission: 4 Speed

•Wheelbase: 60 Inches

•Weight: 783 LBS

•Fuel Capacity: 5 Gallons


Operating Features

•Front Suspension: The front forks have been fitted with small springs to simulate the fork travel experienced on the real motorcycle.

•Rear Suspension: The rear suspension can be experienced by gently pressing on the seat while steadying the model.

•Wheels: The front and rear wheels roll freely and the front wheel pivots.

•Drive Belt: The rear wheel is connected to the drive belt, so that the belt rotates when the wheel rolls.

•Gearshift Lever: The gearshift foot lever pivots.

•Kickstand: The kickstand fully extends.

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