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Vega and the stars

Av: Carin Gottlieb

Medarbetare: Mikael Löfström (Illustratör), Paul Fischer (Översättare)


Pris inklusive moms: 158 kr


Skickas av oss inom 2 - 5 vardagar.

Förlag:Vinterhallon Publishers
Omfång:54 sidor
Vikt (g):400

Om boken

Far away from here, a train is winding along between the hills. A little girl is sitting looking out from the train window at all the stars. When the train stops at a station the little girl feels like getting off for a while. She sees a striped cat on the platform and follows it behind the station building. There she meets a very special old woman. The woman has a secret which will soon be the girl's secret too.

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