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Tamiya Pansar 1/35


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Revell PANZERHAUBITZE 2000 1/35

Svårighetsgrad 4

Skala 1/35


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1/35 Tysk skurkroll Self-Propelled Haubits Hummel (Sen produktion)

Här kommer Hummel! Denna tyska andra världskriget självgående pistol - vars namn översätts till "humla" - nu ansluter sig till 1 / 35 militära Miniatyr-serien.
Hummelen planlades för att fullgöra begäran för mobilt artilleriservice för tyska behållareenheter. Baserat på Geschützwagen III/IV (används också på Nashorn), lekte det en L/30 15cm haubits och öppna övre fighting fack.

Hummels designades 1942 och debuterade på östfronten 1943; De sågs också i nordvästra Europa och Italien under senare delen av andra världskriget.

Om modellen
• Detta är en 1/35 skala plast modell monteringssats.
• Våra designers studerade Hummels på inte mindre än 3 platser för att åstadkomma detta mycket exakta kit i Tamiya 1 / 35 för första gången!
• Funktioner helt nya gjutna delar för övre skrov, stridsfack, pistol och mer (lägre skrov och väghjul är de från Nashorn kit (punkt 35335)).
• Sena produktionsspår avbildas med monteringsdelar med raka sektioner i ett stycke, som erbjuder mycket
realistiska skildringar av övre körning "sag."
• Levereras med en mängd tillbehör, återskapa rundor, fall och mycket mer.
• 3 helt nya figurer fångar en Hummel besättning i mitten av lastning, med en siffra i knästående pose.
• Levereras med 2 markeringsalternativ.
• En separat såld metall pistol fat detalj-up delar produkt går till försäljning för att höja realismen ytterligare!



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Tamiya 1/35 TIRAN 5


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Tamiya 1/35 ELEFANT



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1/35 British Self-Propelled Anti-Tank Gun Archer

The latest release in the 1/35 Military Miniature Series recreates the British Army’s Archer.

As WWII progressed, British troops found that their 2 pounder and 6 pounder guns were being rendered obsolete by German armor, and planners decided to develop a vehicle using the powerful 17 pounder (76.2mm) gun.

The vehicle chosen to mount the gun on was the Valentine; the turret was removed and replaced with a fighting compartment – this would be known as the Archer. Interestingly, as there was little time to re-organize the cramped layout, the 17 pounder had to be mounted pointing rearwards to fit it in.

As a result, the Archer moved and fired in opposite directions. It offered strong performance, however, and served with British and
Commonwealth units from October 1944 till the end of WWII, the British using it until the early 1950s.

About the Model
• This is a 1/35 scale plastic model assembly kit. Length:191mm.
• In-depth study of an actual vehicle has led to this accurate depiction of the distinctive Archer form with armor plates and realistic weld lines.
• The powerful 17 pounder gun is depicted with aplomb, including breech details.
• The open top fighting compartment showcases numerous other interior points such as shell racks and radio equipment.
• Comes with 3 figures to depict commander, gunner and loader.
• Marking options are included to recreate 3rd Canadian Infantry Division and Polish II Corps vehicles.
• Why not pair this model with the Valentine (Item 35352), which provided the base for the actual Archer?



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Tamiya 1/35 T-55A W/ABER PE & GUN




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1/16 German Kübelwagen Type 82 European Campaign

Tamiya is delighted to announce the re-release of this classic big-scale assembly kit, which recreates a German Kübelwagen Type 82 from the European Theater of WWII.

Away from the searing, dusty North African desert, the Kübelwagen also saw service across Europe, deployed in reconnaissance and communication roles.

Item Contents/Information
• This is a 1/16 scale plastic model assembly kit. Length: 242mm, width: 100mm
• The Kübelwagen is expertly rendered in 1/16, complete with depictions of bodywork reinforcing press lines.
• Features semi-pneumatic rubber tires. Front wheels are steerable.
• Doors and engine room cover can be assembled in open or closed position. The engine room features a detailed recreation of the 4-cylinder horizontally opposed air-cooled engine.
• The Kübelwagen can be depicted with hood up or down, and window frames installed or unused, allowing a whole variety of choices.
• Comes with a driver figure to further boost the realism of your model.
• Four marking options are boxed together with the kit.
• Why not purchase together with the simultaneously re-released Item 36202 1/16 scale German Kübelwagen Type 82 w/Feldmarschall Rommel?



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TAMIYA 61109 Dewoitine D.520 "French Aces" - w/Staff Car

The Dewoitine D.520 was one of the best fighter aircraft the French Air Force had during WWII. It was powered by a Hispano Suiza 12Y45 V12 engine, which produced 910hp and enabled a top speed of 529km/h. Its armament included a 20mm HS404 cannon and two 7.5mm machine guns on each wing. At the opening stages of WWII, D.520s fought fiercely against the Luftwaffe and their pilots claimed more than 100 aerial victories. After the armistice in 1940, the D.520 was extensively used by the Vichy Air Force as well as Free French units until the end of the war. The Tamiya 1/48 scale model is a faithful replica model kit of this famous air fighter.

Specs and Features 1/48 scale plastic assembly kit. Wingspan: 213mm, Fuselage: 183mm. Flaps can be depicted in either up or down position. Radiator flap and canopy can be depicted in either open or closed position. 3 kinds of decals included to depict the aircraft piloted by French aces Second-Lieutenant Pierre Le Gloan, Adjudant-Chef Denis Ponteins, and Adjudant-Chef Colonel Bouton. Comes with a 1/48 scale Citro�n Traction 11CV Staff Car to allow instant diorama creation straight from the box. Comes with 1 seated pilot figure as well as 1 standing pilot and officer figures (total of 3 figures). Photographic reference manual (B4 size) included.


Suggested Paint Colors


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TAMIYA 1/35 WILLYS JEEP MB 1/4 TON 35219 Byggmodell

 Byggmdell Without a doubt the Jeep Willys MB occupies a significant position in the whole automotive history. The origin of the Jeep vehicle dates back to early 1941, when U.S. Forces ordered the Willys, Ford, and Bantam companies to develop prototypes of a small sized multi-purpose 4-wheel drive vehicle. During the early stage of WW2, Germany had achieved outstanding successes by using motorized troops with their "Blitzkrieg" tactics. It became a pressing need for allied nations to possess tough and reliable vehicles with excellent cross-country ability. In November 1941, the Army, with alterations on the front grille and hood to the Ford design, chose the Willy"s vehicle as the basis for the mass production model. This marked the birth of the Willys MB (Model B) that provided unmatched ability to transport Allied troops during the conflict. The early Willys MB had a welded, slat type front grille. Due to the necessity of increasing production, the Army ordered Ford to join the mass production using the Willys MB"s blueprints. It was designated the GPW, and a simple, pressed steelfront grille was introduced. During WW2, the Willys MB and Ford GPW ran over every battlefield. As a means of transit for soldiers, it played an important role in bringing the Allied victory. It was also used for liason, command, communication and sometimes even as an ambulance for a light firearms carrier. Production reached approximately 640,000 units by August 1945.


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TAMIYA 1/35 Kubelwagen typ 82 Ramcke 35304 Byggmodell

After the 1941 assault on Crete, elite German parachute units were formed into a brigade. The parachute unit, know as the "Ramcke Parachute Brigade" was created to lead assaults in North Africa against Allied forces and counter act the British SAS units attack. The brigade was heavily involved in the Second Battle of El Alamein, the attack on Stirling"s Special Air Service, and DAK"s assault of the Suez Canal. In 1943, at Tunisia, the Ramcke brigade saw its last battle and was forced to surrender to British forces.

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TAMIA 89792 Italian Heavy Tank P40


Scale 1/35


Suggested Paint Colors X-10 - Gun Metal X-11 - Chrome Silver XF-1 - Flat Black XF-56 - Metallic Grey XF-58 - Olive Green XF-59 - Desert Yellow XF-60 - Dark Yellow


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TAMIYA British Quad Gun Tractor Kit - 35045 1:35 SCALE


During WWI, many nations began using motorcars for various military purposes such as hauling guns. Vehicles were classified in various categories according to their purpose such as armored cars, tanks and self-propelled guns that carried hand-held artillery, and gun tractors that were designed for hauling weapons. During this time, the British, who had the most advanced full-track and half-track technology, began realizing the advantage of using motorcars in the military. They began developing several tractors for the sole purpose of hauling artillery. The British produced uniquely shaped gun tractors, known as the �Quad�, which had an angular body and short wheelbase with large wheels. The following four Quad gun tractors were developed: Guy Quad Ant, Morris Commercial C8 Mk I & Mk II Quad, Karrier KT 4 Indian Quad, and Canadian Military Pattern (CPM) Quad manufactured in Canada. The military primarily use the CMP Quad during the war, due to its quality and mass production. The CMP Quads including the FAT-2 Quad gun tractor were very good vehicles and simple to operate. They continued on active service in the British Commonwealth forces for about 15-20 years even after the war.


Length: 129mm

Decals depicting Canadian and British forces are included. (Total 2)

Comes with one driver figure.




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TAMIYA 1/35 Tiger I Sen version 35146

At the time of its introduction in 1942, the German Tiger I was the most powerful and sophisticated tank available anywhere in the world, and is still considered a weaponry masterpiece of that era. Most of the Tiger I's were produced by Henschel, a heavy industry manufacturer in Germany. The later versions of the Tiger I went into production in January 1944, almost two and a half years after its debut. Many features like the thick armor plating, measuring up to 100mm in thickness at some areas, remaining unchanged. Roadwheel improvements consisted of replacing the rubber rimmed roadwheels with new wheels that ran on steel rims, which were insulated from the hub by two rubber rings clamped between disc-shaped pressings. Changes made to the turret were: a commander's cupola with seven vision ports, an anti-aircraft machine gun ring, and a side pivoting hatch; a loader's hatch with periscope; the smoke exhaust outlet relocated to the center of the turret; and internally mounted "S" mine dischargers. The 88mm KwK36(L/56) main gun was considered for replacement with the awesome KwK43(L/71) cannon, as used on the King Tiger, but was never accomplished. It has been said that one Tiger I tank was equal to five Sherman tanks on the battlefield and it was the most feared and respected of all German tanks during the conflict.

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