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Faber-Castell Färgpennor Goldfaber metall box med 48st 114748

The Goldfaber colour pencils have a wonderfully soft and intense colour laydown and convince with their outstanding colour brilliance. High-quality materials and manufacturing with the most innovative production technology provide maximum break resistance, an excellent lightfastness and an optimal painting effect of the water-resistant and smudgeproof lead. Quick sketches, lively hatching or evenly shaded colour gradients – all drawing techniques can be achieved effortlessly.

High-quality materials provide maximum break resistance, excellent lightfastness, outstanding colour brilliance, smudge and water resistance and optimal painting effects The lead of the Goldfaber colour pencil adapts to the individual drawing techniques and ability levels The pencils can be used easily on almost all rough surfaces


Artikelnummer: 4005401175063

1498:- -25% (1998:-)

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Watercolour pencil Albrecht Dürer wood case of 48 delar Faber-Castell 117506

Albrecht Dürer artists' watercolour pencils provide artists with great versatility of expression when drawing, shading and painting in watercolours. High-quality materials, combined with over 250 years of experience, have resulted in watercolour pencils that produce unsurpassed watercolour effects and vibrancy. The coloured surface can be transformed with only a few fine or broad brush strokes to reveal the full and unique power of the colours. Depending on the paper being used, the pigments can be completely dissolved, and will then behave in the same way as classic watercolour paints. The paint becomes permanent when dry, enabling other layers of colour to be superimposed without causing it to dissolve again. High quality pigments of unsurpassed light-fastness and brilliance Pigments dissolve completely when brushed with water Smooth colour stroke Break-resistant due to special bonding process 48 colours and accessories in a wooden case


Artikelnummer: 4005401674009

3924:- -25% (5233:-)

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Box med 90 stycken India ink PITT artist pens Faber-Castell 167400

Pennans färg är ljusäkta och högpigmenterad samtiigt som den är vattenfast och helt fri från doft.

Ink drawings have a very long artistic tradition. This has always been an interesting medium for artists and graphic artists, it lends drawings expression and durability and can also be combined with many other drawing techniques. Faber-Castell has combined all the advantages of artist's inks with the benefits of a modern, easy-to-use disposable pen - the PITT artist pen. The pigmented and very lightfast drawing ink is ideal for sketches, drawings, layouts, fashion design and illustration. Pigmented drawing ink High light resistance Water-resistant, permanent Odour-free, acid-free, pH neutral Superb quality wenge wood stained gift case, varnished inside and out 90 India ink pens in a wooden case Every Fineliner-, Metallic-, Calligraphy- and Brush-colour is inside Ideal gift for creative persons


Artikelnummer: 4005401671626

141:- -25% (188:-)

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India ink PITT artist pen B Skin 6x Faber-Castell 167162

6 Pitt Artist Pens brush: ivory (103), light skin (114), medium skin (116), medium flesh (131), light flesh (132), cinnamon (189)


Artikelnummer: 4005401100720

2531:- -25% (3375:-)

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FABER-CASTELL 110072 Polychromos färgpenna, 72st i träetui

Oljelaverbar artistfärgpenna av högsta kvalite

från Faber-Castell. Ljusäkta färgpigment.

Klara starka färger.

Träetui med 72 sorterade färger.

Polychromos artists' pencils are valued internationally by professionals and semi-professionals for their unsurpassed quality. The high quality standards of the Polychromos coloured pencils shine through, whether they are used for graphics, artistic free style or for the exact rendition of plans.

High quality pigments of unsurpassed light-fastness and brilliance Smudge-proof and water-resistant thick oil pastel lead, soft colour stroke Break-resistant due to SV bonding Superb quality wenge wood stained gift case, varnished inside and out 72 colours in wooden case Includes   White, Cream, Light yellow glaze, Cadmium yellow lemon, Light cadmium yellow, Cadmium yellow, Dark cadmium yellow, Dark chrome yellow, Cadmium orange, Dark cadmium orange, Scarlet red, Pale geranium lake, Deep scarlet red, Middle cadmium red, Permanent carmine, Dark red, Magenta, Madder, Rose carmine, Middle purple pink, Pink madder lake, Light magenta, Red-violet, Crimson, Purple violet, Mauve, Delft blue, Dark indigo, Indanthrene blue, Helioblue-reddish, Cobalt blue, Ultramarine, Light ultramarine, Skyblue, Phthalo blue, Light phthalo blue, Bluish turquoise, Prussian blue, Cobalt turqoise, Light cobalt turqoise, Cobalt green, Deep cobalt green, Dark phthalo green, Phthalo green, Emerald green, Light green, Leaf green, Pine green, Juniper green, Olive green yellowish, Earth green yellowish, Chrome oxide green opaque, Earth green, Medium flesh, Light flesh, Cinnamon, Pompeian red, Venetian red, Sanguine, Burnt ochre, Naples yellow, Dark Naples ochre, Green gold, Raw umber, Van Dyck brown, Burnt siena, Walnut brown, Warm grey V, Warm grey II, Cold grey II, Cold grey IV, Black

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