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Artikelnummer: B11F082

488:- -35% (750:-)

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Glasbox från The Franklin Mint

Snygg handgjord box att ha dina smycken, samlarobjekt eller bara värdefulla saker i.

Storlek 34 x 20 x 7,5 cm



Artikelnummer: 7290011318901

166:- -5% (175:-)

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Memobox från Lalo 

Memobox med tillhörande memolappar.

Storlek 12.5 x 11.5 x 4.5 cm




Artikelnummer: 4004360892400

1615:- -15% (1900:-)

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Skrivunderlägg Cintano X svart 

Exklusiv skrivbordunderlägg tillverkad av äkta läder.


Strl. 60 x 1 x 49cm 



Artikelnummer: 4004360892301

325:- -4% (339:-)

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Gemfat magnetiskt Sigel Cintano X läder 

Exklusiva skrivbordsprodukter tillverkade av äkta läder.
Strorlek. 7,5 x 1,1 x 7,5 cm

Levereras med Gem Chrome




Artikelnummer: 4004360892325

791:- -25% (1055:-)

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Pennkopp Cintano X läder 

Exklusiva skrivbordsprodukter tillverkade av äkta läder. 

Strl. 13 x 13,7 x 6 cm 



Artikelnummer: 4004360892349

955:- -4% (994:-)

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Pennfat Cintano X läder


Exklusiva skrivbordsprodukter tillverkade av

äkta läder. 

Strl. 20 x 1,1 x 10cm 




Artikelnummer: 4004360892363

1000:- -4% (1041:-)

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Memohållare Cintano X läder 

Exklusiva skrivbordsprodukter tillverkade av äkta läder.

Memocenter med memoblock och märkflikar.

Strl. 20 x 3,6 x 10cm 



Artikelnummer: 4004360892288

1008:- -15% (1186:-)

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Skrivunderlägg Cintano Konstläderimitation Svart SA531 

Förstklassig kvalitet i läderimitation. 

Storlek 60 x 1 x 49 cm



Artikelnummer: 7312700681377


333:- -20% (416:-)

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Agrippa Excellent helrygg, silver

Agrippapärmen är världens starkaste pärm.

Elegant, med äkta silverförgyllning. Okrossbar, outslitlig.

"Never click"- mekanism och självsmörjande lås av fosforbrons.

Kraftiga, extra breda pärmar i svart PP. Hård användning under många år går Agrippa spårlöst förbi. 10 års garanti på gångjärn, nitar, mekanism och gafflar.

Formar A4, yttermått: 60x320x280 mm.


Artikelnummer: 7312700681360


349:- -20% (436:-)

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Agrippa Excellent helrygg, guld

Agrippapärmen är världens starkaste pärm.

Elegant, med äkta guldförgyllning. Okrossbar, outslitlig.

"Never click"- mekanism och självsmörjande lås av fosforbrons.

Kraftiga, extra breda pärmar i svart PP. Hård användning under många år går Agrippa spårlöst förbi. 10 års garanti på gångjärn, nitar, mekanism och gafflar.

Formar A4, yttermått: 60x320x280 mm.



Artikelnummer: B11E349

1453:- -35% (2235:-)

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2006 Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail Classic - Limited Edition, The Franklin Mint

This is the machine that marked the return of the Softail® to its roots - a bare-bones iron horse designed with the purist in mind. Re-creating every detail of the ultimate touring bike, this model is packed with authentic working features that include functional front and rear suspension, adjustable gear shift lever, kickstand and rotating drive belt. So lifelike, you can almost hear the roar of the mighty TC88B® engine - it's the definitive re-creation of the Great Freedom Machine.


For nearly a quarter-century, the Harley-Davidson® Heritage Softail® has been the dominating force in the touring bike field. It's no accident. With each year, with each new model, Harley® continues to add those refinements designed to keep the Softail® on the inside track of style and performance.


Since its re-introduction in 2006, the Heritage Softail® has maintained the reputation for ease in handling, reliability and the smooth suspension that inspires its name. The model year 2006 will be a welcome sight for the Harley-Davidson® faithfuls. In fact, the 2006 Heritage Softail® is the definitive study in nostalgia, presenting a classic appearance.


In addition to the elemental styling, the 2006 Heritage Softail® hosts performance options designed for the devoted Harley-Davidson® rider. Starting with the legendary Twin Cam 88B™ engine. Add the quick-change seat for solo or two-up riding and the traditional steel-laced wheels, and Harley-Davidson® has put another solid link in the long line of Softail® motorcycles.


Limited Edition of 2,500 worldwide.



Technical Specifications

•Engine: Air-Cooled Twin Cam 88B™

•Displacement: 88 Cubic Inches (1,450 CC)

•Bore & Stroke: 3.75 x 4.40 Inches (95.25 x 101.52 MM)

•Compression Ratio: 8.9:1

•Fuel System: Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection

•Transmission: 6-Speed Cruise Drive™

•Wheelbase: 64.5 Inches

•Length: 94.5 Inches


Operating Features

•Kickstand: The kickstand fully extends.

•Wheels: The front and rear wheels roll freely and the front wheel pivots.

•Front Suspension: The front forks have been fitted with springs to simulate a motorcycle's suspension.

•Rear Suspension: The rear suspension can be experienced by gently pressing on the seat while steadying the model.

•Drive Belt: The drive belt rotates when the wheel is rolled.

•Gearshift Lever: The gearshift has several stop locations when rocked back and forth to simulate the various gear positions.


Artikelnummer: 672151134837

243:- -25% (324:-)

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Förvaringsbox från The Franklin Mint Egyptisk stil

Begränsad upplaga

Den färgsprakande Isis kommer att ta andan ur dig som om du hade upptäckt Tuts grav själv. I juvelprydda och gyllene toner är detta en äkta skatt som väcker storheten från det gamla Egypten. Klädd med svart sammet i boxen. 

Mått: 15 x 7 x 8.2 cm



Artikelnummer: B11TC54

1272:- -35% (1958:-)

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1955 Corvette Franklin Mint B11TC54, The Franklin Mint

Skala 1/24


Artikelnummer: B11XE83

1272:- -35% (1958:-)

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Al Capones Armored Cadillac, The Franklin Mint

Skala 1/24

Presented by Franklin Mint Precision Models in association with Cadillac Motor Car Division.

The model is hand-assembled more than 200 separate parts.

It has been re-created in astonishing detail as Scarface's bulletproof Fortress on Wheels.



Artikelnummer: B11Z136

2600:- -35% (4000:-)

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Obs Monopol Spelet är på engelska

Monopol - Harley-Davidson Monopoly från The Franklin Mint Spelet är helt på engelska. Think of it as the Monopoly game charged with 80ccs of raw power. Incorporating the classic strategy of the Monopoly game with the Harley-Davidson® legacy of open-road freedom. With a full complement of individually sculptured gaming pieces, each lavishly coated in sterling silver. There are sensational new hotels and houses rich with accents of 24 karat gold or sterling silver, as well as custom-designed "Community Chest" and "Chance" cards. Combining legendary Monopoly game graphics with illustrations that celebrate the history of Harley-Davidson® motorcycles, the handsome hardwood-framed playing board is accentuated with corners that are enhanced with silver-toned die-cast bolsters. To house all your components, a custom-designed banker's drawer is fitted into the playing board. Get your motor running with the exclusive high-octane edition of the most popular board game of all time! Authorized by Harley-Davidson® and Hasbro. Featuring a full complement of gaming pieces, with hotels accented in 24 karat gold and houses accented in sterling silver. Complete with hardwood-framed playing board, specially designed "Chance" and "Community Chest" cards and Harley-Davidson® "money." A classic from the word "GO!" Sent to you in a single awesome shipment.


Artikelnummer: B11F854

1380:- -35% (2124:-)

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1908 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost Limousine - Limited Edition only 1.500, The Franklin Mint

The most legendary car that ever graced the highways — the 1908 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost Open Drive Limousine. This six-cylinder 429 cubic inch engine offered a ride that was unparalleled in contemporary motoring — so smooth, so quiet, it was only a matter of time before it was deemed the "Silver Ghost" by high-end car enthusiasts. This beautiful replica features limousine coachwork, crafted in authentic detail and officially authorized by Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, Ltd. Special features include a fully appointed interior, fully functioning steering wheel and hinged bonnet.

Limited Edition only 1.500 world wide



Artikelnummer: B11PW73

1272:- -35% (1958:-)

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1933 Duesenberg Twenty Grand, The Franklin Mint

Own a classic from the Golden Age of Automobiles. Wow, What a Duesy!

The most luxurious Duesenberg ever, the world knew it as the 20 Grand. For in 1933, it had the bold price tag of $20,000—far beyond the reach of the millions who first saw it at the Chicago World’s Fair. Today, its value would be in the millions. Now, the most elegant Duesy ever can be yours—in the form of this sensational die-cast replica.


Handcrafted with 148 separate parts, it’s authentic to the smallest detail—from the famed Duesy hood ornament to the genuine instrument panels with full array of switches, gauges and levers. Painted a posh champagne silver, it’s a certified classic, just like the original.


The year is 1933. In Chicago, crowds gather at the Century of Progress Exposition, a World's Fair unlike any other. There, the future is presented to a nation weary of its depression and finding relief in the presentation of better times to come. As visitors flock to the Travel and Transportation Building, they are mesmerized by the stunning 1933 Duesenberg SJ. This motor car is not only the most luxurious Duesenberg ever built, it is also the most expensive. And its price would also become the motor car's namesake—the Duesenberg "Twenty Grand".


Built expressly for the World’s Fair in Chicago, the "Twenty Grand" would steal the show as millions shared in the aura of grandeur and wealth that surrounded such a car. Even the colour, described as metallic platinum, suggested the sterling quality of such a machine, and perhaps indirectly, pointed toward a silver lining on the black cloud of the Depression.


Chief designer, Gordon Buehrig, designed the "Twenty Grand:, adapting several of the earlier coach styles, and the noted coach-builder Rollston Body Company, made the design a reality. With polished stainless steel tubing covering the exposed exhaust pipes, and an aerodynamically slanted windscreen, the luxurious "Twenty Grand" exuded a feeling of speed, as well as grandeur. Its long and sleek lines, uninterrupted by superfluous extravagance, elegantly belied the power that lay under the bonnet—a 320-horsepower supercharged engine that was claimed to have pushed the machine to speeds as high as 130 miles per hour.


The power and elegance that were revealed by the exterior were complemented by the sumptuousness of the interior. The "armchair" type seats were upholstered in broadcloth bounded with silver patent leather. Instrument panels, in the front and back seats, were panelled in two-tone burl walnut with silver inlay.


Only one was ever built. And perhaps a car as unparalleled as the 1933 Duesenberg SJ "Twenty Grand" should be alone in its class. Today it is part of the Merle Norman Beauty Collection in the San Sylmar Museum where it is on exhibition.


The Duesenberg name connoted quality and style. The 1933 Duesenberg SJ connoted more than that—it was a machine of dreams, of fantasies, of "Twenty Grand".


Technical Specifications

•Engine: DOHC Straight-8

•Displacement: 420 Cubic Inches

•Horsepower: 320 BHP @ 4,750

•Suspension: Semi-Elliptic Leaf Spring, Front and Rear

•Induction System: Stromberg Carburetor with Centrifugal Supercharge

•Wheelbase: 153.5 Inches (Long)

•Fuel Tank: 26.5 Gallons

•Transmission: Warner 3-Speed

•Brakes: Hydraulic, 4 Wheel

•Top Speed: 130 MPH


Operating Features

•Re-created in authentic 1:24 scale

•Full array of operating features

•Genuine wood paneling

•Hand-assembled from 148 parts


Artikelnummer: B11A121

1336:- -35% (2055:-)

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John Wayne Stagecoach, The Franklin Mint

He took on the basic characteristics and the pure essence of the frontier spirit. John Wayne was a movie star who chose roles that people could identify with - characters who were plain-spoken, honest and tough. He introduced us to simple men who relied on a basic code of conduct for existing in a dangerous world. He showed us how to face crises, and he let us share his confidence in dealing with adversity. There was nothing false about the parts John Wayne played, because the essential qualities of the Old West were etched into his soul.


That’s why it’s easy to picture “The Duke” sitting ten feet above the ground, riding shotgun on the driver’s bench of a rough-and-ready stagecoach. Constructed of wood, iron, leather, and canvas, the overland stagecoach left its mark on the western frontier during the 19th century. These delivery vehicles rattled and swayed over rutted roads and through badlands, carrying cargoes that included company payrolls, bags of mail, and stalwart passengers willing to face danger and take a risk.


Now, this legendary overland stagecoach is magnificently re-created in an extraordinary precision-engineered replica by Franklin Mint Precision Models. The John Wayne Stagecoach is filled with authentic details, graphics, and design that are sure to delight fans of the Old West. This faithfully crafted replica pays tribute to the era of overland stagecoaching, and honors the memory of John Wayne. This great model comes complete with a terrific package of frontier accessories - an assortment of luggage, a strongbox, shotguns, and a repeating rifle like the one “The Duke” often carried in his films. This stagecoach is alive with memories.




Artikelnummer: K912CS


Skickas av oss inom 8 - 12 vardagar.

Unikt Medeltida Schackset - Limited Edition


Unikt Medeltida Schackbräde gjort i Brons. Dekorerat med äkta 24 karats Guld. Varje pjäs är signerad av skulptören. Handgjorda pjäser i Brons och dekor med 24 karats Guld.

Schackbräde i Onyx (bräde) och Brons, dekor med 24 karats Guld

Ett fantastiskt handarbete. Made in Italy

Begränsad Upplaga.

Storlek, Schackbräde 33x33x6,2 cm

Kungen 6,6 cm hög


Artikelnummer: B11E421

1272:- -35% (1958:-)

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2007 Shelby GT-500 Coupe - Limited Edition The Franklin Mint 

Definitive model of the most powerful factory Ford ever


It marks the reunion the entire automotive world has been waiting for, as the legendary Carroll Shelby™ teams with Ford Motor Company in the creation of a brand-new, big-block performance icon. Now, the 2007 Shelby® GT500® Coupe is re-created in a sensational die-cast model ready to take its place in your collection. Take it in your hands and you’ll realize at once you’re holding quality—from the highly detailed engine under the hood to the fully appointed interior, it’s the most powerful factory-built Ford in history, re-created for you in 1:24 scale. Act now, and be one of only 5,000 collectors in the entire world to call it your own!


Limited Edition of 5,000


Artikelnummer: B11YF05

1365:- -35% (2100:-)

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1966 Shelby Cobra 427 S/C in Aluminum, The Franklin Mint

A sensational collectible depicting the last of the street Cobras.

Carroll Shelby pushed American racing to the limits back in the '50s and '60s, and created what many consider the greatest contribution to the world of speed: The Cobra®, a trail-blazing combination of ultra-lightweight aluminum and flashy Euro styling with a brawny American V-8 engine. Give yourself the opportunity to demonstrate your passion for speed with a spectacular 1:24 scale, precision model of the "street legal" version of the Cobra® -- the 427 S/C™. It's crafted in unpainted aluminum, just like Shelby's® own. And you'll find true-to-life details, like doors, hood and trunk that open and close. Steering wheel that turns the front wheels. Authentic materials used in the seats, like real leather upholstery. A highly detailed engine -- accurate down to the spark plug wires. Even the tread on the tires perfectly matches the original!


Generally, you have to choose between joy and power. But when Carroll Shelby introduced the world to the Cobra 427 S/C lightweight roadster in the early 1960's, power and joy turned out to be two sides of the same coin. For the true roadster aficionado, nothing has ever been built to compare to the Cobra. Even to this day, the Shelby® Cobra stands out. This limited production sports car deserves its designation as an automotive classic because it demands your full attention. It looks great; it sounds mean; and it drives like a demon. In fact, it may well be the most powerful, the most attractive, and the most thrilling front-engine roadster ever manufactured for sale to the public.


The Shelby® Cobra was born in a flash of insight, became cloaked in clouds of controversy, and remains enshrouded in layers of mystery. To understand the Cobra mystique, you must first start with its creator.


Carroll Shelby was a Texan who flew planes, raced cars, and brokered some great automotive ideas. Cobra production began in 1962 and ended in 1967. At first, this thinly disguised road racer featured a 260 V-8 engine (soon expanded to a 289 V-8) inside its sleek European-style body. Shelby® produced 630 of this model. Then, in 1965, this beautiful beast got even more power when the 427 cid V-8 racing engine was added. At some point in production, the 427 was replaced with the 428 Police Interceptor engine: 348 were 427’s and 26 of these were designated S/C for street competition. The S/C was the ultimate Cobra.


As awesome as the original created by Carroll Shelby

•Elite precision model collectible captured in 1:24 scale

•Powerful display piece in unpainted aluminum, just like the original

•Hand-assembled from more than 150 separate components

•Authentic detail and working features

•Real leather upholstery


Artikelnummer: B11E792

1372:- -35% (2110:-)

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1966 Shelby Cobra 427 Supersnake - Limited Edition, The Franklin Mint

Carroll Shelby's Ultimate Muscle Car - Yours in a Special Limited Edition


Only one Supersnake® remains in existence, and in 2007 it was auctioned off at a dizzying $5.5 million! Now, the rarest of the rare can be yours for much, much less - in a precision-engineered classic as awesome as the real thing. Built by hand from more than 150 separate components, this superb model is crafted with the same passion as the legendary Carroll Shelby® devoted to the original. Every detail is authentic, down to the side-mounted exhausts and the precise re-creation of the powerful Shelby Cobra 427 S/C® engine under the hood. We've even duplicated the world-famous Cobra logo on the hood. Packed with realistic working features, painted and polished by hand, it's ready to roar its way into your collection now!


The 1966 Shelby® Cobra 427 SuperSnake® is without a doubt the "Cobra to End All Cobras," as it was described by Road and Track magazine in 1968. Earning the title of "SUPERSNAKE®" after being transformed by Carroll Shelby™ into his own personal dream Cobra. To the already legendary Competition 427 Big Block he added twin Paxton Superchargers, raising the horsepower to 800. He joined this power plant to a Super 3-speed automatic transmission. Skinned with its European-styled, lightweight aluminum Competition body, this Cobra was truly the ultimate Muscle Car.


Its history is equally as impressive. CSX 3015 started out as full Competition roadsters without bumpers, mufflers or a windshield, built strictly for the European racing circuit, not public roads. Sometime in early to mid-1967, CSX 3015 was transformed into the SuperSnake® and reclassified as a street-legal 427 Cobra S/C™ (Semi-Competition), while retaining the heart of a full race machine.


History shows CSX 3015 to be one of only two SuperSnakes® ever built. The other, CSX 3303, was destroyed when its owner committed suicide by driving the car into the Pacific Ocean, leaving CSX 3015 the only surviving authentic Shelby® SuperSnake®. On January 20th, 2007, CSX 3015 made history again when it sold at Barrett Jackson for a record-breaking 5 million dollars, making this classic one of the most coveted automotive icons ever.


Now, the 1966 Shelby® Cobra 427 SuperSnake® is re-created in an extraordinary precision-engineered replica from Franklin Mint Precision Models. Authentic in every detail, the 1966 Shelby® Cobra 427 SuperSnake® Limited Edition is a die-cast model you will treasure for many years to come.


Limited Edition of 5,000 worldwide.


We all have our dream cars. The legendary Carroll Shelby® is no exception. Back in the late Sixties, he made his dream come true by taking his blatantly awesome CSX 3015 competition roadster - built for the European racing circuit - and increasing its already formidable power with the addition of twin Paxton Superchargers, boosting the horsepower to a near-mythic 800.


He didn't stop there. The fitting of a lightweight competition body with decidedly European flair infused alluring beauty to the ferocious beast under the hood. With the further addition of bumpers, mufflers and a windshield, Shelby's® magus opus was classified as a street-legal 427 Cobra S/C® (S/C for Semi-Competition). Only two were ever built, and only one remains selling at auction for a nifty $5,500,000!


This is the car re-created for you now by the engineers of Franklin Mint Precision Models. And like the actual Supersnake®, it's a study in pure power and styling that will bring a touch of excitement to any collection.


Operating Features

•Doors: Your model's doors are hinged in the front.

•Steering Wheel: The front wheels can be positioned for display.



Artikelnummer: B11F080

1299:- -35% (1999:-)

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Ford Model T Convertible - Limited Edition The Franklin Mint

It's as if the word icon was coined expressly for the Ford Model T. The car that put America on wheels cuts a new path through history--in the form of a spectacular precision model. It’s loaded with true-to-life detail. The seats are upholstered with real leather; the dash and firewall are adorned in wood veneer. As a final touch, the radiator frame and cap, wheel hubs, headlights and lamps bear the look of burnished brass.


By 1908, the American landscape had changed. Slowly but steadily, horse-drawn carriages and wagons made way for another kind of horse-powered vehicle, as more and more automobiles appeared on the nation's roads. By that same year, some 140,000 automobiles had been registered in the U.S. There was no denying that the U.S. was on the move. The only thing lacking: a motorcar the average American could afford.


Enter Henry Ford, the visionary whose Model T, or Tin Lizzie as it would eventually be called, changed things forever.


In a production run lasting between 1908 and 1927, more than 15 million Model Ts were produced. In the inaugural year of 1908, customers could choose models painted red, gray or green. By the following year, blue had been added to the Model T spectrum. The bulk of the historic Model Ts appeared after 1913, for that was the year Ford introduced the moving assembly line. In order to save valuable time in his quest to produce as many Model Ts as possible, Ford determined that each car be painted the same color: black. However, it has been estimated that more than 30 different types of black paint were used for the myriad number of parts that went into the assembly of a Model T. Moreover, black was a more economical choice, enabling Ford to keep the price of each model within reach of the average wage earner.


With the introduction of the famous Ford assembly line, every Model T was exactly the same, even down to that basic black color. But perhaps a bit of Henry Ford's feisty spirit lived in each of his Flivvers, as they were sometimes called. For all its dependable ways, its simplicity and superiority, the Model T had a certain whimsy, an unpredictable side that often confounded its owner. Yet in this respect, the car was almost human and people tended to deal with its temperamental ways with a sort of cherished affection.


Initially, use of the Model T was restricted to pleasure driving. Sunday trips for places 25 miles distant could now be planned without buying train tickets for the whole family. Relatives could stay in touch. A fair or concert out of town was within reach. In this way, the dependable little Model T did more than offer basic transportation. It opened up horizons and forever changed the way Americans lived.


Limited Edition of 1,500


Operating Features

•Doors: As on the real Model T, your model has three doors; one in the front by the passenger, the other two in the rear. The spare tire’s mounting location blocks the location of a fourth door. The front door is hinged at the front and the rear doors are hinged at the rear.

•Steering: The front wheels can be positioned for display.

•Wheels: The road wheels actually roll. The spare is non-removable.

•Crank Handle: As on the real Model T, the crank handle to start the engine is located just beneath the radiator, facing forward. Gently turn it to simulate the motion.

•Hood: The hood opens revealing the Model T four-cylinder engine


Artikelnummer: B11F677

1272:- -35% (1958:-)

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Elvis Presley's 1965 Shelby Cobra 427 S/C - Limited Edition only 1.500 pcs, The Franklin Mint

It was inevitable that the King of Rock 'n Roll® would eventually meet the King of sports cars - the 427 Shelby® Cobra®. Elvis® would light up the screen with high-speed excitement and drama in a number of major motion pictures, but his #11 Shelby® Cobra® from his 22nd movie "Spinout," would go on to be one of the most recognizable Shelby® Cobras® in the world.


Now this rare, one-of-a-kind Shelby® Cobra® is replicated in precision detail, featuring all the elements of the King's Shelby® Cobra®, packed with 427 cubic inches of raw American power and record-breaking speed. Issued in a strictly Limited Edition of just 1,500 pieces worldwide, these models will quickly fall into the hands of film buffs and automotive enthusiasts alike. So act now to ensure one will have a place in your home!


In the mid-1960s, there were few things that Elvis Presley® couldn't do. He had grown his musical career far beyond the scope of radio and records and expanded into television and movies. His work in musicals and action dramas became all the more fortified by his love of cars and racing. Elvis'® movies featured the raw excitement of youth and the thrill of fast-paced racing, often set in exotic places or real race tracks.


Limited Edition of 1,500 worldwide


Operating Features

•Doors: Your model's doors are hinged at the front.

•Steering: The front wheels can be positioned for display.

•Suspension: Your model comes with a functioning suspension.

•Hood: As on the original, your model's hood is hinged.

•Trunk: The trunk on your model opens



Artikelnummer: B11E905

1380:- -35% (2124:-)

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2008 Mustang BULLITT GT - STEVE MCQUEEN Commemorative Edition, Limited Edition, The Franklin Mint

A Tribute to the King of Cool 

It's a car STEVE McQUEEN would have been proud of. Celebrating 40 years since Lieutenant Frank Bullitt took us for the ride of our lives. Ford Motor company issued a special anniversary edition Ford Mustang carrying the same aggressive looks of the famous '68 GT that roared through the streets of San Francisco chasing two hit-men in a "Tuxedo Black" 1968 Dodge Charger R/T 440 Magnum. Now, this incredible tribute car can be yours in a fantastic precision scale die-cast replica issued in a strictly Limited Edition of just 5,000 pieces worldwide.


Your precision-engineered model matches every spectacular detail of the actual 2008 Ford Mustang BULLITT. The interior has been faithfully re-created, down to the fully instrumented dash and Black Charcoal upholstery. Naturally, the awesome 315hp has been replicated with uncompromising attention to the smallest detail. We have even re-created the BULLITT gun-sight graphic on the fuel cap, an enduring tribute to the motion picture that ignited a legend!


No question: The Big Screen has seen its share of great chase scenes through the years.


No question: The car chase is the perfect "vehicle" for the white-knuckle excitement of a high-speed pursuit, especially through crowded city streets.


No question: The chase scene from the 1968 Steve McQueen classic BULLITT set the standard against which all others are measured--the undisputed champ--the definitive masterpiece.


No contest! To mark the 40th anniversary of BULLITT and of the car chase to end all car chases, Ford Motor Company unveiled a special Limited Edition Mustang BULLITT, combining the breakneck spirit of the movie with the latest technology derived primarily--and not surprisingly--from Ford race cars.


Faithful to the original model driven by McQueen in the motion picture, Ford designers stripped virtually all badges and insignia from the '08 anniversary model. In absentia: the iconic chrome pony typically displayed on the mesh grille, as well as all scoops and spoilers traditionally identified with Mustang styling. Completing the picture--the same Highland Green paint job used on the original '68 BULLITT.


The 2008 Ford Mustang BULLITT packs a wallop under the hood in the form of a potent 4.6 V-8 engine generating 315hp @ 6,000 rpm. Ford engineers transplanted the live rear axle system from the Shelby GT-500-- to add even more punch during acceleration. BULLITT owners were advised by Ford to burn premium fuel; however, an innovative spark ignition permits the use of regular with no fear of damaging the engine.

Limited Edition 5.000 World Wide.


Operating Features

•Doors: The model's doors are hinged at the front to a 45-degree.

•Steering: The front wheels can be positioned for display.

•Trunk: The trunk on your model opens.

•Hood: As on the original car, the hood is hinged.

•Suspension: Your model comes with a fully functioning suspension system.


Artikelnummer: B11F681

1380:- -35% (2124:-)

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1966 Shelby GT-350 - Limited Edition, The Franklin Mint

Take one high-performance "K" code Ford Mustang Fastback, give it to Carroll Shelby® to tune, and what do you get? An incredibly fast and nimble pony car factory-tuned for the race track!


Introduced in 1964, the legendary Shelby GT-350™ was created out of a partnership with Ford Motor Company and legendary race car driver, Carroll Shelby®. The car was an instant success. Combining blistering speed and incredible styling, the GT-350® set a standard for street racers and track racers alike. In 1965, you could have this car in only one color – white with blue stripes. But by 1966, you could order your GT-350® in one of several colors, and this special Limited Edition model is offered in one of the hottest factory color combos – Sapphire Blue with white stripes.


Each precision replica is hand assembled from more than 200 separate components and packed with authentic details that are the hallmarks of Franklin Mint Precision Models. Every detail of the 306 horsepower 289 V-8 is replicated, right down to the spark plug wires. This model is so realistic, even the hood is made of real fiberglass – just like on the original car. Of course, this model also depicts the operating features discriminating collectors expect from a precision-engineered die-cast model, including operable steering, functional suspension and doors, hood and trunk that open and close.


April of 1964 saw the introduction of the Mustang, which immediately became one of the most popular cars ever sold by Ford. By August of that year, Ford approached Carroll Shelby® and asked him to experiment with the Mustang 2+2 Fastback to see if it could be made into a potential SCCA (Sports Car Club of America) racer. The result was the Shelby GT-350TM. It was a noisy, bear of a car–but exciting and fast. And it did win.


The 1965 GT-350® was such a huge success, Carroll Shelby® continued the regular production to include a 1966 model year. The only significant changes were mostly cosmetic and a few improvements for driver comfort and safety. Among them was the addition of a functional side scoop on the quarter-panel coves for channeled air to cool the rear brakes. A Plexiglas C-pillar window replaced the extractor vents, improving the large blind spot which menaced the Mustang Fastback and Shelby® in 1965. Additionally, the dual exhaust was re-routed to exit the rear of the car, which reduced the interior noise. With its new look and creature comforts, there were no compromises in performance. The race-bred 1966 GT-350® continued to be one of the most popular and widely recognized high-performance brands in the industry.


Franklin Mint Precision Models is proud to present this finely detailed and accurate reproduction of the 1966 Shelby GT-350TM.


Limited Edition of 1 966


Operating Features

•Steering Wheel: The front wheels can be positioned for display.

•Trunk: Your model’s trunk opens.

•Doors: The doors are hinged at the front and open to approximately a 45-degree angle.

•Suspension: Your model comes with a functioning suspension.

•Hood: As on the original car, the hood is hinged and cannot be lifted completely off.



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2008 Ford Shelby GT-500KR Vista Blue w/Silver Racing Stripe Limited Edition Only 1.000, The Franklin Mint

During the late sixties, Carroll Shelby® "pulled the trick of the year" by introducing the 1968 Shelby GT-500™ "King of the Road." Muscle Car enthusiasts thought they had seen it all. Forty years later, he did it again! In 2008 he did it all over again, introducing the 2008 Ford Shelby GT500KR™ – the fastest production Mustang to date! With its roots-type supercharger, it produces a staggering 540 horsepower and a bone-crushing 510 lb-ft of torque.


Now, as a tribute to this incredible Muscle Car, Franklin Mint Precision Models is proud to announce two exclusive Limited Edition replicas to honor this historic landmark car. Painted in two different factory-authentic paint schemes, they are sure to find their way into the hearts and display shelves of collectors. By acting now, you can choose one or both of the spectacular models – one painted Silver with Blue Racing Stripes; and this one painted Vista Blue with Silver Racing Stripes…the very same options Shelby® offers right from the factory. Issued in a worldwide Limited Edition of just 1,000 of each color, these incredible models are sure to move quickly!


The 2008 Ford Shelby GT500KR™ was a brilliant collaboration between Carroll Shelby®, Shelby Automobiles, SVT Engineering and Ford Motor Company. The new "King of the Road" would not disappoint its namesake. Rather, it far exceeded its predecessor. The Roots-type supercharger and Ford Racing cold air intake atop the 5.4 liter V-8 engine would produce 540 horsepower and 510 lb-ft of torque. This benchmark performance – coupled with features like front brake cooling vents, a Ford Racing strut tower brace, race-tuned suspension and luxury interior comforts – would move Shelby/Mustang loyalists to crown a new King! The Franklin Mint is proud to offer this 1:24 scale tribute to the Shelby/Mustang monarchy.


Limited Edition of 1,000 Worldwide



Skala: 1:24


Artikelnummer: B11G467

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1955 Ford Thunderbird Capitol Records Celebrity - Limited Edition Only 1.000, The Franklin Mint

An A-List Original 

In 1955, the flamboyant Ford Thunderbird burst onto the automotive scene…by way of the red carpet. An unrivaled harmony of power, elegance and innovation, the T-Bird was originally bought by Capitol Records Company as a courtesy car for the biggest recording artists and movie stars of the day. Marilyn™, Elvis® and Bing were among a long list of Hollywood elite holding the coveted keys to the one-and-only Capitol Records’ ‘55 Black T-Bird.


Limited Edition of only 1,000 worldwide



Skala: 1:24

Längd: 20,3 cm



Artikelnummer: B11E800

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1965 Corvette Sting Ray Fiberglass Coupe, The Franklin Mint

Our most technologically advanced 1:24 scale Vette ever!

Just when Corvette® lovers thought things could not get any better, along came the '65 Sting Ray™. Out were the hood vents of earlier models. In were three functioning front-fender louvers for increased airflow. Gone were the rear drum brakes of previous years, replaced by the smoother, easier four-wheel disc variety.


But the most significant change of all... the introduction of the thoroughly awesome 396 Turbo Jet engine – first of the factory-built Big Blocks to power a Corvette® - equally at home on the track as on the street, to the degree that many who owned one drove their pride-and-joy "a quarter mile at a time!"


Here's your invitation to join the "Big Block" party by ordering the definitive precision re-creation of the one-and-only Corvette® ever to sport the powerful 396 Turbo Jet Big Block engine. Assembled entirely by hand, this spectacular model matches the original, detail for scorching detail. The "bulge hood," flip-up headlights and fully appointed interior... every distinctive feature re-created to an unprecedented degree of accuracy by the engineers of Franklin Mint Precision Models. And, of course, there's the unparalleled re-creation of the Turbo Jet engine under the hood, accurate right down to the air cleaner assembly that can actually be removed to view the carburetor and engine block.


Just like the actual auto, this sensational model features a body of real fiberglass, hand-painted a torrid Rally Red. A must for your Corvette® collection!


In order to re-create the torrid '65 Vette, our engineers developed all-new tooling, thereby making it a completely new and individual model unlike any other ever produced. Here is our most technologically advanced Corvette® model to date, packed with details that place this model in a league all it's own.


Additional working features include functional suspension, operable steering, hinged fuel cap and detachable jack compartment door, a fully appointed interior, flip-up headlights, tread patterns that match original, a fully detailed carburetor, and an exhaust system that appears in perfect clarity as part of the detailed undercarriage.


The 1965 Corvette® was in many ways the alpha omega of Corvettes®. 1965 introduced the first GM® factory big block option for any Corvette®. The powerful 396 Turbo Jet engine delivered 425 hp and 415 foot-pounds of torque. This was a quantum leap from previous years, with 375 hp the highest option offered in 1964. With this new factory muscle under the hood, the '65 Corvette® was just as much at home on the track as the street. In fact, most who purchased this option drove their Corvettes®... a quarter mile at a time! The 1965 Corvette® was also the first year to offer the new "bulge hood," designed for the big block option, and the first Corvette® to have side exhaust pipes and a power radio antenna. The 1965 model year was also the omega Corvette®. It was the last "fuelie" Corvette®. While customers could choose a carbureted model, fuel injection for Corvettes® would vanish until new throttle body injection was introduced in 1982. 1965 was also the last year for rear drum brakes; all Corvettes® would now be offered with four-wheel disc brakes as standard equipment.


The 1965 Corvette® is also the "one and only"... The only model year Corvette® to sport the 396 Turbo Jet, it would be replaced with a bigger big block in 1966, never again to be found under the hood of any other factory Corvette® built. This fact alone makes 1965 a benchmark year for Corvette® and makes it a true classic. With limited production numbers, only a very fortunate few can own the real deal. Franklin Mint Precision Models has captured the essence of this automotive ico


Artikelnummer: B11F679

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1959 Corvette Barn Find - Limited Edition, The Franklin Mint

The Ultimate "Car Guy" Dream... Every car enthusiast dreams of finding a "diamond in the rough" – hidden away for decades, safely preserved from the harsh elements but all there, ready to be saved.


Such lore surrounds Corvettes® in the many stories of young men who hid their cars for safekeeping before leaving for military service, only never to return; of spouses who stashed cars from pending property settlement proceedings; of folks who stored a car and met upon hard times, forced to abandon their dream with no money to pay for storage fees. These cars are often referred to as "barn finds". When discovered, are the automotive equivalent to finding the Holy Grail! Only a fortunate few have been able to find these gems - until now!


Franklin Mint Precision Models proudly presents that coveted "barn find" in a special Limited Edition, complete with its own display. All car enthusiasts dream of finding their "diamond", but only a fortunate few can actually experience the sensation as it comes to life before their treasure-hunting eyes. The 1959 Corvette®, discovered in a vintage barn - a fuel injected model, complete with all of its original factory parts, exactly as it was left behind so many years ago. Issued in a strictly Limited Edition of just 2,500 pieces worldwide - a precision-detailed, scale replica worthy only of the Franklin Mint Precision Models name. So buy one today and use it as a constant reminder that dreams do indeed come true!


A new dream, ready for your imagination, scaled to perfection in "as found" condition – a must-have for the serious vintage car enthusiast. Sense the pride and satisfaction of the day he actually sits behind the wheel and turns the key on the restoration project that has consumed his every spare minute these last several years. The ride is definitely worth the trip.


Limited Edition of 2,500 worldwide


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