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Artikelnummer: 4005299180057


Skickas omgående

Från Carson model sport brandbåt skala 1:50 allt komplett och färdigbyggd.


Skala 1:50
Längd 585 mm
Bredd 230 mm
Höjd 385 mm
Vikt 2200g

Boat is fully functioning and even has a real, remote-controlled, water canon. In addition to the driving functions, the boat has a sound module for authentic engine noises and a remote-controlled foghorn. The searchlights can also be switched on and off using the 2.4 GHz remote control. The coastguard boat is supplied as standard with everything you need, including the transmitter with batteries and a drive battery with charger.

Pre-assembled ready to run model with boat stand, 2.4G 6-channel remote control system, 9.6V / 750mAh NiMH rechargeable driving battery, charger, AA Mignon transmitter batteries, transmitter carrying strap and manual.



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