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2006 Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail Classic - Limited Edition, The Franklin Mint

This is the machine that marked the return of the Softail® to its roots - a bare-bones iron horse designed with the purist in mind. Re-creating every detail of the ultimate touring bike, this model is packed with authentic working features that include functional front and rear suspension, adjustable gear shift lever, kickstand and rotating drive belt. So lifelike, you can almost hear the roar of the mighty TC88B® engine - it's the definitive re-creation of the Great Freedom Machine.


For nearly a quarter-century, the Harley-Davidson® Heritage Softail® has been the dominating force in the touring bike field. It's no accident. With each year, with each new model, Harley® continues to add those refinements designed to keep the Softail® on the inside track of style and performance.


Since its re-introduction in 2006, the Heritage Softail® has maintained the reputation for ease in handling, reliability and the smooth suspension that inspires its name. The model year 2006 will be a welcome sight for the Harley-Davidson® faithfuls. In fact, the 2006 Heritage Softail® is the definitive study in nostalgia, presenting a classic appearance.


In addition to the elemental styling, the 2006 Heritage Softail® hosts performance options designed for the devoted Harley-Davidson® rider. Starting with the legendary Twin Cam 88B™ engine. Add the quick-change seat for solo or two-up riding and the traditional steel-laced wheels, and Harley-Davidson® has put another solid link in the long line of Softail® motorcycles.


Limited Edition of 2,500 worldwide.



Technical Specifications

•Engine: Air-Cooled Twin Cam 88B™

•Displacement: 88 Cubic Inches (1,450 CC)

•Bore & Stroke: 3.75 x 4.40 Inches (95.25 x 101.52 MM)

•Compression Ratio: 8.9:1

•Fuel System: Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection

•Transmission: 6-Speed Cruise Drive™

•Wheelbase: 64.5 Inches

•Length: 94.5 Inches


Operating Features

•Kickstand: The kickstand fully extends.

•Wheels: The front and rear wheels roll freely and the front wheel pivots.

•Front Suspension: The front forks have been fitted with springs to simulate a motorcycle's suspension.

•Rear Suspension: The rear suspension can be experienced by gently pressing on the seat while steadying the model.

•Drive Belt: The drive belt rotates when the wheel is rolled.

•Gearshift Lever: The gearshift has several stop locations when rocked back and forth to simulate the various gear positions.


Artikelnummer: j000403


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 Läckert och unikt smycke under licens från Harley-Davidson Motor Company.

Tre snygga ringar i svart med Harley Davidson motiv på den tjockare ringen

Storlek 7 (Diameter ca 15 mm)



Artikelnummer: B11YP95


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1999 Harley-Davidson Road King Classic, The Franklin Mint

Rev up a dream come true! The first time you saw it was in your dreams. Now, the dream comes to life in the definitive die-cast model of the Harley-Davidson® Road King® Classic. Meticulously assembled by hand from more than 195 separate parts, it combines the Harley-Davidson® image of independence with its tradition for custom styling. You can see every detail -- from the chrome-and-black fuel-injected Twin Cam 88™ engine to the laced wheels and slant-cut mufflers, from the giant chrome headlight to the opening saddlebags. Working features include operable steering, spinning wheels, functional suspension, brake and gearshift pedals -- even a kickstand that holds the bike in place. Hand-painted in authentic Harley-Davidson® colors -- Aztec Orange and Diamond Ice -- it comes fully assembled and ready to display.


This precision-engineered replica of the great American touring bike with the heart of a street cruiser was assembled by hand in 1:10 scale from more than 195 parts, hand-painted, hand-polished and accented in chrome-plate. it is loaded with true-to-life operating features and is incredibly detailed, down to a scale-size rider's helmet. It features special collector's packaging.


One of the characteristics of Harley-Davidson® motorcycles that appeals so much to riders is the ability to combine the best of Harley-Davidson tradition with the newest design innovations. In other words, Harley-Davidson® motorcycles are built with respect and understanding of the past and a dedication to tomorrow's technology and engineering.


An example of this philosophy is the Harley-Davidson® FLHRCI™ Road King® Classic. The ultimate cruiser, the Road King® emulates the style of its predecessors and sets the standard for its heirs. The cruiser is powered by the huge Twin Cam 88™ engine, which rides in elastomer isolation mounts that eliminate vibrations. Before Harley-Davidson introduced the Twin Cam 88™ to the public, it tested the engine on over two-and-a-half million miles of road. And the judgment was that the Twin Cam 88™ offered a quieter, smoother ride while providing high performance and maneuverability. This comfort is further enhanced by an anti-dive fork and air-adjustable suspension.


Yet it is not only the new engine that separates the Road King® Classic from other cruisers. The all-out style of the Road King® is truly "Classic." Gorgeous saddlebags are made by stretching durable plastic over hard-shell compartments, enhancing both accessibility and durability. The tooled design of the saddlebag is repeated on the custom seat. Enhancing the stylish black-and-chrome color scheme of the engine is a range of eight available finishes, including four two-tone finishes. A custom 3D metal emblem was also designed especially for the Road King® Classic and appears on the fender tip, tank and seat valance. The laced wheels add to the overall style.


With dual exhausts, a wheelbase of 63.5 inches and overall length of 93.7 inches, commodious saddlebags and unparalleled power and comfort, the Road King® Classic truly defines the modern touring bike, offering bikers a ride they'll never forget.


Now, in honor of the future of touring motorcycles, comes a precision-engineered replica from Franklin Mint Precision Models. The Harley-Davidson® Road King® Classic is crafted in authentic detail––a true masterpiece. Your Harley-Davidson® Road King® Classic captures the excitement of this magnificent motorcycle and is certain to be admired by all who see it.


Technical Specifications

•Engine: Twin Cam 88™ Vibration Isolation-Mounted

•Displacement: 88.0 Cubic Inches

•Transmission: 5-Speed

•Wheelbase: 63.5 Inches

•Overall Length: 93.7 Inches


Artikelnummer: B11E851

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2008 Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail Classic Christmas Bike Limited Edition, The Franklin Mint

Limited Edition 2.500 World Wide



Artikelnummer: D1X3826


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Vägghylla med HD Harley-Davidson emblem

92 cm lång



Artikelnummer: B11YF03


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1999 Harley-Davidson Heritage Springer Franklin Mint

When the best of Harley's heritage gets a modern makeover, a living legend is forged. The sensational features of the real deal are captured, from the incredibly detailed engine to the classic horseshoe oil tank, brake and clutch cables. The seat is complemented by saddlebags and leather fringe. Hand-assembled in 1:10 scale, and hand-painted in an authentic Harley-Davidson® paint scheme. Climb onboard for the ride of a lifetime!


The Harley-Davidson® Heritage Springer® is a perfect example of what Harley-Davidson® produces that makes those who ride Harley-Davidson® motorcycles such loyal enthusiasts. The Heritage Springer® is a perfect balance of classic styling with state-of-the-art technology. For when one first sees the Heritage Springer®, one is immediately struck by its ageless design. With its chrome springer front-end, the bullet-shaped headlight, the classic high bars and the long, low profile, the Heritage Springer® looks as if it could have been styled five decades ago. And there is much truth to that impression, for the Heritage Springer® is inspired by the classic 1948 Panhead-a legendary model in the annals of motorcycle history.


And yet this bike is anything but a re-creation... it's a thoroughly modern motorcycle. The 1340cc Evolution® engine is one of the smoothest that Harley-Davidson® offers; the high contact-ratio transmission gears provide a quieter ride and the design - while reflecting the style of the past-is ergonomically thought out so that riding the Heritage Springer® is a happy marriage of power, smoothness and speed - and not a small smattering of style!


Now, the handsome and powerful Harley-Davidson® Heritage Springer® is re-created in an exciting die-cast replica from Franklin Mint Precision Models. Precision-engineered in 1:10 scale and crafted in authentic detail from more than 125 separate components - from the incredibly detailed OHV V2® Evolution® engine to the full-floating fenders... from the classic horseshoe oil tank to the brake and clutch cables - the Harley-Davidson® Heritage Springer® is a fitting tribute to the Harley-Davidson® legacy of state-of-the-art technology and engineering, coupled with a rich and classic tradition of motorcycle styling. It is a die-cast re-creation that you will take great pride in displaying and are certain to treasure for many years to come.


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