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1971 Dodge Challenger Indy 500 Pace Car - Limited edition The Franklin Mint

Too hot to handle!

Here’s your chance to own the quintessential die-cast model of arguably the most famous pace car in Indy® history. Every detail of the original is captured to sweet perfection—from the distinctive grille and the intricately detailed re-creation of the powerful V-8 OHV engine to the bright "HEMI Orange" paint job and authentic Indy 500® emblems. Order now and see why Franklin Mint Precision Models sets the pace in engineering excellence.


Setting the pace in die-cast collectibles, this model is assembled by hand, hand-painted, hand-finished and features functioning steering, road wheels and suspension.


Nineteen-seventy-one marked the first time in 17 years that a Dodge had been selected as the pace car at the Indianapolis 500®. Overall, it was the sixth time that a Chrysler-made automobile had been so honored.


The pace car tradition at Indy® dates back to the very first running of the Memorial Day event in 1911, when a Stoddard-Dayton Model 11-A did the honors. Sometimes referred to as the safety car, the pace car, as the name implies, sets the pace for the field under the yellow, or caution, flag. In the majority of instances, whenever the pace car is on the track, competitors must hold their positions, never passing the pace car or other drivers.


Typically, the selection of an Indy® pace car is announced to the public several weeks before the race. And typically, that is where the story ends, other than the manufacturers producing a series of replicas for sale to enthusiasts. But in 1971, the Challenger made history of a different sort to become, arguably, the most renowned pace car in the Brickyard’s® history.


Your Limited Edition, 1:24 scale model of the 1971 Dodge Challenger Indy 500® Pace Car matches every detail of the original. Hand-painted a bright "HEMI Orange," this superb model sets the pace for accuracy and engineering excellence.


Limited Edition of 5,000


Technical Specifications

•Engine: V-8 OHV

•Horsepower: 230 HP

•Displacement: 318 CID

•Torque: 320 Pound per Foot @ 2000 RPM

•Compression Ratio: 8.8:1

•Bore & Stroke: 3.91 X 3.31

•Transmission: 3-Speed Automatic

•Induction System: 1 x 4 BBL 4


Operating Features

•Steering: Use the steering wheel to position the front wheels for display.

•Hood: As on the real automobile, your model’s hood is hinged and opens to approximately a 45 degree angle.

•Doors: Hinged at the front, the doors open to approximately a 45-degree angle.

•Gas Cap: Hinged in front, the gas cap opens from the rear.

•Trunk: The trunk opens to an approximate 45-degree angle.

•Suspension: The suspension moves approximately 1/8".

•Driveshaft: The driveshaft rotates when one of the rear wheels is turned.

•Folding Seats: Front seats may be tilted forward and back to demonstrate the folding feature.


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