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Ford Model T Convertible - Limited Edition The Franklin Mint

It's as if the word icon was coined expressly for the Ford Model T. The car that put America on wheels cuts a new path through history--in the form of a spectacular precision model. It’s loaded with true-to-life detail. The seats are upholstered with real leather; the dash and firewall are adorned in wood veneer. As a final touch, the radiator frame and cap, wheel hubs, headlights and lamps bear the look of burnished brass.


By 1908, the American landscape had changed. Slowly but steadily, horse-drawn carriages and wagons made way for another kind of horse-powered vehicle, as more and more automobiles appeared on the nation's roads. By that same year, some 140,000 automobiles had been registered in the U.S. There was no denying that the U.S. was on the move. The only thing lacking: a motorcar the average American could afford.


Enter Henry Ford, the visionary whose Model T, or Tin Lizzie as it would eventually be called, changed things forever.


In a production run lasting between 1908 and 1927, more than 15 million Model Ts were produced. In the inaugural year of 1908, customers could choose models painted red, gray or green. By the following year, blue had been added to the Model T spectrum. The bulk of the historic Model Ts appeared after 1913, for that was the year Ford introduced the moving assembly line. In order to save valuable time in his quest to produce as many Model Ts as possible, Ford determined that each car be painted the same color: black. However, it has been estimated that more than 30 different types of black paint were used for the myriad number of parts that went into the assembly of a Model T. Moreover, black was a more economical choice, enabling Ford to keep the price of each model within reach of the average wage earner.


With the introduction of the famous Ford assembly line, every Model T was exactly the same, even down to that basic black color. But perhaps a bit of Henry Ford's feisty spirit lived in each of his Flivvers, as they were sometimes called. For all its dependable ways, its simplicity and superiority, the Model T had a certain whimsy, an unpredictable side that often confounded its owner. Yet in this respect, the car was almost human and people tended to deal with its temperamental ways with a sort of cherished affection.


Initially, use of the Model T was restricted to pleasure driving. Sunday trips for places 25 miles distant could now be planned without buying train tickets for the whole family. Relatives could stay in touch. A fair or concert out of town was within reach. In this way, the dependable little Model T did more than offer basic transportation. It opened up horizons and forever changed the way Americans lived.


Limited Edition of 1,500


Operating Features

•Doors: As on the real Model T, your model has three doors; one in the front by the passenger, the other two in the rear. The spare tire’s mounting location blocks the location of a fourth door. The front door is hinged at the front and the rear doors are hinged at the rear.

•Steering: The front wheels can be positioned for display.

•Wheels: The road wheels actually roll. The spare is non-removable.

•Crank Handle: As on the real Model T, the crank handle to start the engine is located just beneath the radiator, facing forward. Gently turn it to simulate the motion.

•Hood: The hood opens revealing the Model T four-cylinder engine


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