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FABER-CASTELL 112124 PITT PASTEL 24st pennor i metalletui


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FABER-CASTELL 112124 PITT PASTEL 24st pennor  i metalletui

Högsta kvalitet artist pennor.

PITT® artists' pastel pencils, with their oil-free leads are used by artists not only as the perfect complement to pastel crayons for elaborating details, but also on their own. PITT® pastel pencils have a compact lead containing the highest quality pigments, they are ideally suited for drawing lines and shading as well as blending. They are available in 60 colors that are color indexed to all other Faber-Castell lines.
  • White, Cream, Helioblue-reddish, Light ultramarine, Hooker's green, Earth green yellowish, Pompeian red, Sanguine, Terracotta, Dark naples ochre, Sepia, Black, Manganese violet, Dark indigo, Helio turquoise, Juniper green, Olive green yellowish, Caput mortuum, Burnt carmine, Medium flesh, Burnt ochre, Light yellow ochre, Walnut brown, Payne's grey

Tom kundvagn

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