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The Ultimate Corvette® featuring Swarovski® Crystals


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The Ultimate Corvette® featuring Swarovski® Crystals

Limited Edition


Innovation and imagination at its absolute finest. The legendary purveyor of the most desirable reproductions in the world, The Franklin Mint proudly presents a modern masterpiece of poetic opulence and supreme precision in the most luxurious die-cast you will ever find – the Ultimate Corvette® featuring Swarovski® crystals.


This iconic American sportscar is now bejeweled with an astonishing 5,300 hand-set Swarovski® crystals – the famous and legendary Austrian crystal house – in the breathtaking Aurora Borealis coating. An extravagant blend of artistic ingenuity and technical perfection, our Ultimate Corvette® was designed by some of the most prolific artisans of our time and the unrivaled leaders in their industries. Their endless flow of concepts and ideas have come together to create an exquisite interpretation of the seductive and lavish world of affluence and celebrity. Due to the complexity and time-consuming process, this Swarovski® Corvette® is extremely limited in number – only 500 pieces worldwide will ever be made – and naturally, available only through The Franklin Mint.


Like the northern lights, a phenomenon of spectacular proportion, The Ultimate Corvette® Featuring Swarovski® Crystals reflects light in the most magnificent and mesmerizing way possible.


Limited Edition of 500 worldwide



Längd: 19 cm

Skala: 1:24

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