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1959 Corvette® Barn Find - Limited Edition


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1959 Corvette® Barn Find - Limited Edition

The Ultimate "Car Guy" Dream... Every car enthusiast dreams of finding a "diamond in the rough" – hidden away for decades, safely preserved from the harsh elements but all there, ready to be saved.


Such lore surrounds Corvettes® in the many stories of young men who hid their cars for safekeeping before leaving for military service, only never to return; of spouses who stashed cars from pending property settlement proceedings; of folks who stored a car and met upon hard times, forced to abandon their dream with no money to pay for storage fees. These cars are often referred to as "barn finds". When discovered, are the automotive equivalent to finding the Holy Grail! Only a fortunate few have been able to find these gems - until now!


Franklin Mint Precision Models proudly presents that coveted "barn find" in a special Limited Edition, complete with its own display. All car enthusiasts dream of finding their "diamond", but only a fortunate few can actually experience the sensation as it comes to life before their treasure-hunting eyes. The 1959 Corvette®, discovered in a vintage barn - a fuel injected model, complete with all of its original factory parts, exactly as it was left behind so many years ago. Issued in a strictly Limited Edition of just 2,500 pieces worldwide - a precision-detailed, scale replica worthy only of the Franklin Mint Precision Models name. So buy one today and use it as a constant reminder that dreams do indeed come true!


A new dream, ready for your imagination, scaled to perfection in "as found" condition – a must-have for the serious vintage car enthusiast. Sense the pride and satisfaction of the day he actually sits behind the wheel and turns the key on the restoration project that has consumed his every spare minute these last several years. The ride is definitely worth the trip.


Limited Edition of 2,500 worldwide

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