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1967 Shelby GT-500 - EXP - LE


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1967 Shelby GT-500 - EXP - LE

In 1966, Carroll Shelby® ordered a loaded 1967 Mustang convertible and a notchback coupe (converted to GT-500 specs as a loaner car, test mule and promotional vehicle), later to become known as "Little Red." The coupe was widely exposed to the press, but the ragtop spent most of its time as an employee driver or courtesy car for potential Shelby® customers. Early marketing indications showed that a convertible version of the now-popular Shelby® fastback would do well as part of the Shelby® American line. But it would be another year before that would officially happen.


At some point in the car's history, it managed to be out of sight long enough to escape the corporate policy requiring all test and engineering cars to be destroyed. Perhaps to protect it or just to meet the new-year model change, the red convertible was stripped of its 1967 trim, transformed into a 1968 model and used to promote Shelby’s® new model for the 1968 year. Eventually, the car was sold as a used 1968 GT-500 convertible and disappeared into the public sector.


Thirty years later, the car was purchased from a private owner under the guise of it being a 1968 Shelby®. It was not long before the new owners came to a shocking conclusion: it was the only 1967 Shelby® convertible ever made! Fueled by this revelation, the car was restored to exacting standards and researched for over seven years to be sure that all features and unique 1967 details were restored to original condition.


The newly restored convertible debuted at the 2004 Chicago Auto Show, where it was reunited with ol' Shel himself. Surprised at the car's survival, citing Ford's policy of destroying experimental cars, Shelby® was pleased to find it had indeed somehow survived. Documentation supports this car as built in December of 1966 and coded as a 1967 production build Q3-code Shelby® convertible. It was originally equipped with the 428 Police Interceptor engine, C-6 automatic, air conditioning and black décor interior. Gleaming with Candy Apple Red paint, a potent 428 PI engine/C-6 transmission combination, GT-500 designation, white convertible top and Shelby® wheels.


The Franklin Mint is proud to present the definitive Shelby®, the one and only 1967 GT-500™ EXP convertible, beautifully replicated to the exacting standards originally assigned by Shelby® American.


Worldwide Limited Edition of 1,967



Skala: 1:24

Längd: 19 cm


Operating Features

•Doors: Your model's doors are hinged in the front.

•Steering Wheel: The front wheels can be positioned for display.

•Suspension: Your model comes with a functioning suspension.

•Trunk: Your model's trunk opens.

•Hood: As on the original car, the hood is hinged.

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