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1968 Mustang California Special - LE


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1968 Mustang California Special - LE

In late 1964, Ford started a legacy of its own with the first Mustang. In the years to follow, the public would clamor for additional and more diverse versions of this dynamic car. One attempt to satisfy the pony car feeding frenzy was the California Special. Ford was able to blend unique features of the Shelby® with a 390 big block engine and bold side stripes... almost instantly devoured by street and strip enthusiast alike.


Limited Edition of 2,500


The Mustang California Special, offered only in the hardtop body style, featured unique side scoops, rear deck lid and taillight treatment, and dynamic body side stripes with distinctive script lettering. Under the hood, a wide range of optional engines was available, but the big block 390 really got the business done, both cruising at highway speeds and taking the finish line at the drag strip. Roughly 4,000 of these rare and desirable Mustangs were produced, making the 1968 Ford Mustang California Special still sought after today by collectors and enthusiasts.

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