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1933 Ford Deluxe Tudor Police Car w/Trailer - Limited edition , Franklin Mint


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1933 Ford Deluxe Tudor Police Car w/Trailer - Limited edition , Franklin Mint

Calling all Cars. Calling all Cars.


Your ticket to police excitement can be heard through the roar of the siren as this 1933 Ford Tudor police car races through Chicago in pursuit of mob bosses and scofflaws. Feel the gangster danger, the ratt-a-tatt of the Tommy Gun and the sound of victory as the long arm of the law prevails and calm is restored. Your 1933 Ford Tudor police car comes complete with a loaded service trailer with period-correct accessories and vintage signage.


In the 1930s, the police had a formidable job. Due in part to Prohibition, organized crime was rampant in many U.S. cities. Chicago was the home or operating base for much of this illegal activity. The Chicago police had to contend with the mob syndicate and infamous personalities like Al Capone and John Dillinger, who operated illegal liquor stills and breweries. Daily bank robberies were not unusual.


Police raids were commonplace and many times the mob was better armed than the good guys. One key element toward the success of the police back then - and today - was their vehicles. The police had to "fight fire with fire." They needed a chase car that was, at the very least, as fast and reliable as the mobsters' cars. Since the 1933 Ford Deluxe V-8 was the get-away car of choice for many crime bosses, law enforcement incorporated the same vehicle into their stable. Among the fans of the Ford was 1933 "Public Enemy Number One," John Dillinger. He once wrote Henry Ford an unsolicited testimonial, praising the performance and styling of his own "hot" '33 Deluxe. As such, there was no better police chase vehicle than the 1933 Ford Deluxe V-8. The thick steel on the doors served to slow the barrage of bullets from ensuing machine gun battles, the 221 cubic inch V-8 engine with aluminum heads gave the needed horsepower to carry reinforcements and ammunition to the scene. With a top speed of 78 mph, the ’33 Ford Deluxe V-8 police cars leveled the playing field.


The Franklin Mint is pleased to offer this 1:24 scale die-cast tribute to the law enforcement vehicle of times past. Our Chicago "mob squad" automobile comes fully equipped to handle the most ruthless of gangsters and mob bosses. Not only does it faithfully replicate the most coveted crime-fighting cruiser of the day, it also comes with a fully stocked arsenal in tow with the era-correct police trailer.

Limited Edition 2.500 World Wide



Skala: 1:24


Operating Features:

•Doors: As on the real car, the front doors are hinged at the rear and swing backward.

•Steering: The front wheels can be positioned for display.

•Seats: The front seats are designed to fold forward.

•Hood: The hood opens to an approximate 90-degree angle.

•Wheels: The wheels on your model are designed to roll.

•Hitch: The trailer may then be swung in either direction for display.

•Trailer Lid: The trailer lid is hinged and can be opened and closed.

•Drop Door: The trailer has been engineered with a drop door that hinges downward.

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