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1966 Shelby GT-350™ - Limited Edition


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1966 Shelby GT-350™ - Limited Edition

Take one high-performance "K" code Ford Mustang Fastback, give it to Carroll Shelby® to tune, and what do you get? An incredibly fast and nimble pony car factory-tuned for the race track!


Introduced in 1964, the legendary Shelby GT-350™ was created out of a partnership with Ford Motor Company and legendary race car driver, Carroll Shelby®. The car was an instant success. Combining blistering speed and incredible styling, the GT-350® set a standard for street racers and track racers alike. In 1965, you could have this car in only one color – white with blue stripes. But by 1966, you could order your GT-350® in one of several colors, and this special Limited Edition model is offered in one of the hottest factory color combos – Sapphire Blue with white stripes.


Each precision replica is hand assembled from more than 200 separate components and packed with authentic details that are the hallmarks of Franklin Mint Precision Models. Every detail of the 306 horsepower 289 V-8 is replicated, right down to the spark plug wires. This model is so realistic, even the hood is made of real fiberglass – just like on the original car. Of course, this model also depicts the operating features discriminating collectors expect from a precision-engineered die-cast model, including operable steering, functional suspension and doors, hood and trunk that open and close.


April of 1964 saw the introduction of the Mustang, which immediately became one of the most popular cars ever sold by Ford. By August of that year, Ford approached Carroll Shelby® and asked him to experiment with the Mustang 2+2 Fastback to see if it could be made into a potential SCCA (Sports Car Club of America) racer. The result was the Shelby GT-350TM. It was a noisy, bear of a car–but exciting and fast. And it did win.


The 1965 GT-350® was such a huge success, Carroll Shelby® continued the regular production to include a 1966 model year. The only significant changes were mostly cosmetic and a few improvements for driver comfort and safety. Among them was the addition of a functional side scoop on the quarter-panel coves for channeled air to cool the rear brakes. A Plexiglas C-pillar window replaced the extractor vents, improving the large blind spot which menaced the Mustang Fastback and Shelby® in 1965. Additionally, the dual exhaust was re-routed to exit the rear of the car, which reduced the interior noise. With its new look and creature comforts, there were no compromises in performance. The race-bred 1966 GT-350® continued to be one of the most popular and widely recognized high-performance brands in the industry.


Franklin Mint Precision Models is proud to present this finely detailed and accurate reproduction of the 1966 Shelby GT-350TM.


Limited Edition of 1 966


Operating Features

•Steering Wheel: The front wheels can be positioned for display.

•Trunk: Your model’s trunk opens.

•Doors: The doors are hinged at the front and open to approximately a 45-degree angle.

•Suspension: Your model comes with a functioning suspension.

•Hood: As on the original car, the hood is hinged and cannot be lifted completely off.

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