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1947 Harley-Davidson® Fire Chief Servi-Car - LE


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1947 Harley-Davidson® Fire Chief Servi-Car - LE

When the alarms sound in the fire station, response time is the only thing that matters. Dispatching a fleet of vehicles prepared for every emergency is no small task. And over the years, it's no wonder that many fire departments put their trust in Harley-Davidson® motorcycles and servi-cars to be first on the scene!


Now, Franklin Mint Precision Models is proud to present the 1947 Harley-Davidson® Fire Chief Servi-Car in a spectacular Limited Edition, precision die-cast replica. For collectors and firefighting buffs, it's a 12-Alarmer! This awesome 1:10 scale model of the ever-reliable Harley-Davidson® servi-car passes inspection with flying colors. Painted a brilliant fire engine-red and hand assembled from over 200 separate components, this authentic model is loaded with operating features. From the precise re-creation of the flathead V-Twin engine to the full complement of working features that includes functional suspension, kickstand and handlebars. Scale size accessories such as first aid kit and chief's helmet make for a powerful tribute to firefighters everywhere.


The original Harley-Davidson® Servi-Car made its appearance in the early 1930s. The three-wheeled utility vehicle was originally designed to be towed behind a newly purchased automobile. Once the car was delivered, the Servi-Car would be released and the dealer rep would ride the vehicle back to the showroom. Soon, the Servi-Car was put to additional uses that included the delivery of parts and roadside assistance for disabled cars and trucks. Harley® advertising of the era even touted the three-wheeler as perfect for small deliveries by druggist, merchant and delivery services.


It was not long, however, before law enforcement and fire departments across the nation realized the advantages of the motorized three-wheeler. When responding to a call, the fire chief's vehicle of choice was the powerful and reliable Servi-Car, which provided him access to places denied larger vehicles.


As a firefighting vehicle, the Servi-Car provides valuable lifesaving duties by speeding first aid supplies to hard-to-access places and by affording a firefighter the means to assess the severity of a given situation.


Packed with authentic detail, your precision model of the 1947 Harley-Davidson® Fire Chief Servi-Car features an exact re-creation of Harley®'s 45-cubic-inch flathead V-Twin engine. It is equipped with an array of scale-size accessories you'd expect to find on an actual vehicle––an axe, first aid kit and fire chief's hat.


Your 1947 Harley-Davidson® Fire Chief Servi-Car Limited Edition is a powerful tribute to firefighters everywhere who put it all on the line for the safety of others.


Limited Edition of 5,000 worldwide


Technical Specifications

•Engine: 45 Cubic Inch Flathead V-Twin

•Fuel Tank: 3.4 U.S. Gallons

•Bore & Stroke: 3.75 x 4.0

•Transmission Type: Constant Mesh

•Transmission Speed: Three Forward, One Reverse

•Wheelbase: 61 Inches

•Overall Length: 100 Inches

•Overall Width: 48 Inches


Operating Features

•Wheels: The front and rear wheels of your motorcycle roll freely and the front wheel assembly pivots authentically on the frame at its mounting point.

•Suspension: The front wheels also have a replicated suspension.

•Pedals: The brake and clutch foot pedals are hinged to move.

•Rear Storage Compartment: The lid will open to approximately 75º.

•Accessories: The 1947 Harley-Davidson® Fire Chief Servi-Car comes complete with an axe, first aid kit and fire chief's hat.

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