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1942 Harley-Davidson® WLA Military Motorcycle


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1942 Harley-Davidson® WLA Military Motorcycle

Honor the military motorcycle that roared through war-torn Europe.


Harley-Davidson® joined the war effort and rolled over Europe with the powerful WLA motorcycle. Fast and durable, this solid motorcycle carried Allied soldiers on countless campaigns. Now, the legend returns in a precision-engineered model so exact you can almost hear the roar of its V-Twin® engine. Assembled by hand from more than 150 parts and packed with details like protective leg shields, foot boards, saddlebags and solo windshield. Hand-painted in olive drab with authentic military markings. A complete array of true-to-life operating features such as brake and shift pedals, operable steering and functional front suspension. Complete with scale-sized submachine gun with removable ammo clip, holster, ammo box, and cap and goggles. A fitting tribute to a valiant warrior!


The most reliable motorcycle of World War II captured in a spectacular replica, officially authorized by Harley-Davidson®. Assembled and painted entirely by hand this model has been re-created as a precision die-cast model in 1:10 scale and is loaded with operating features and equipped with scale-sized military gear. Honor the military motorcycle that roared through war-torn Europe.


Even before the United States entered World War II, Harley-Davidson® was building motorcycles to be used by the Allies in the war effort, particularly after Germany had crippled the British motorcycle industry. However, almost immediately after the attack on Pearl Harbor and the U.S. subsequent entry into the war, Harley-Davidson® was dedicated to the war effort, producing motorcycles for scouting and dispatch for both the U.S. and Allied forces.


During this time, Harley-Davidson® developed its WLA military motorcycles (the "A" stands for Army) and by the end of the war, more than 90,000 WLAs had been produced and shipped. In addition, the company produced enough spare parts to build an additional 30,000 motorcycles. Production of the WLA, along with other military orders, kept the Harley-Davidson® factory busy day and night and ultimately earned the company the Army-Navy "E" Award for excellence in wartime production.


The WLA Military Motorcycle featured a 45 cubic inch V-twin engine that was based on the Harley-Davidson® 45 cubic inch flathead engine. (There was another unique, horizontally opposed, twin 45 cubic inch engine developed, the XA, to be used in desert warfare, but only 1,000 models were produced when that aspect of the war was ended.) The WLA, however, was stronger than the civilian model - and certainly as equally reliable. And it had to be, for the WLA saw service from Normandy to China. And in one of the most memorable moments of our time, it was the WLAs that were first on the scene at the end of the war when Germany surrendered and the POWs were liberated. Indeed, the Harley-Davidson® WLA Military Motorcycle was truly one of the technological heroes of World War II.


Now, the historic military motorcycle is re-created in an exciting die-cast replica from Franklin Mint Precision Models. Crafted in authentic detail - from the V-twin 45 cid engine, solo windshield and leg shields to scale-size military gear, including a submachine gun, ammo clip, cap and goggles - the 1942 Harley-Davidson® WLA Military Motorcycle is a fitting tribute to all those - abroad and at home - who did so much for the cause of freedom. It is a die-cast re-creation that you are certain to treasure for many years to come.


Technical Specifications

•Engine: Side-Valve 45-Degree V-Twin

•Bore & Stroke: 2-3/4 x 3-13/16 Inches

•Displacement: 45.12 Cubic Inches

•Horsepower: 23 BHP @ 4600 RPM

•Wheelbase: 57.5 Inches

li>Top Speed: 65 MPH

•Fuel Capacity: 3-3/8 Gallons

•Cruising Range: 125 miles (Approximately)


Operating Features

•Wheels: The front and rear wheels roll freely and the front wheel assembly pivots authentically on the frame at the steering neck.

•Drive Train: The rear wheel is connected to the drive chain so that the chain

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