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1965 Harley-Davidson® Electra Glide® w/Sidecar


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1965 Harley-Davidson® Electra Glide® w/Sidecar

A legend as soon as it hit the road, the world-premiere Electra Glide® was powered by the last of the Panhead engines. It was also the first Harley® with a 12-volt electric starter system, making full-body stomps on the kick-start lever a thing of the past. Now, the smooth ride continues with this awesome precision re-creation, featuring every detail of the ultimate touring bike, right down to the precise re-creation of that powerful OHV Panhead engine, and gauge and instrument cluster on the fuel tank. Complete with sidecar equipped with spare. Scale-sized helmet included.


The 1965 Harley-Davidson® E-Glide® was a historic milestone for Harley and would mark the end of an era. With the Japanese invasion of motorcycles, Harley had to do something to hold its market share against the innovation and ease of riding that manufacturers like Honda and Yamaha would bring to the table. They realized that they had to make riding easier, more user friendly –– and the E-Glide® was born.


Easier it was…decades of kick starts had come to an end. The E-Glide®, or Electra Glide®, introduced an all-new 12 volt electric starter system. Exhausting and shin-braking full-body stomps on the kick start lever would now be replaced by the push of the thumb. The E-Glide® also replaced the manual spark advance with an automatic one. The electric start dictated other changes to the E-Glide® platform, like deleting the tool box to allow for the larger 12 volt battery. Although the internal engine was the same, a stronger casing and clutch were also needed for the new starter system.


This would be the last year for the panhead engine, which had powered the big bikes since 1949. The last panhead and first electric start would insure solid collector status for this ride. Franklin Mint Precision Models is pleased to offer its 1:10 scale tribute to this motorcycling milestone with sidecar.


Technical Specifications

•Engine: OHV 45° V-Twin

•Bore & Stroke: 3.44 x 3.97

•Displacement: 1208 CC (74 CI)

•Horsepower: 60 @ 4500 RPM

•Compression Ratio: 8.0:1

•Induction System: Carbureted

•Transmission: 4 Speed

•Top Speed: 100 MPH

•Wheelbase: 60 Inches


Operating Features

•Rear Suspension: The suspension can be experienced by gently pressing on the seat.

•Front Forks: The front forks have been fitted with small springs to simulate the fork travel experienced on the real motorcycle.

•Wheels: The front and rear wheels roll freely and the front wheel pivots.

•Drive Belt: The rear wheel is connected to the drive belt, so that the belt rotates when the wheel rolls.

•Gear Shift Lever: The gearshift lever is located on the lower left front, kickstand side of the frame.

•Kickstand: The kickstand is located on the gearshift side of the motorcycle frame below the footrest.

•Poseable Sidecar Cover: The cover on the sidecar can be positioned towards the front or the back.

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