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1911 Rolls-Royce Tourer - Limited Edition


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1911 Rolls-Royce Tourer - Limited Edition

Now, you can own the definitive precision model of this historic Rolls, hailed as the smoothest driving automobile of its day. Every distinctive feature of the original is preserved for all time in a model that stands up to the closest inspection. From the sumptuous coach to the perfectly detailed re-creation of the six cylinder, L-head engine.


The 1911 Rolls-Royce was a notable car for a variety of reasons. Not the least of these was the introduction of the renowned Rolls-Royce mascot—the "Spirit of Ecstasy" hood ornament. This identifiable mascot—the longest-lived mascot ever used—was created in 1911 by noted English sculptor, Charles Sykes. It is said that Lord Montagu’s secretary, a Miss Thornton, posed as a model for the winged figure, although no proof of this exists. In fact, the figure more closely resembles the artist himself. So pleased were company officials with the mascot that in 1920 they entered it into a world competition in Paris and won first prize.


The first automobile graced with the elegant Spirit of Ecstasy mascot was a 1911 Rolls-Royce. And this symbol of elegance and excellence was perfectly suited. The 1911 Rolls-Royce 40/50 hp automobile (Tourer designated the body type) was innovative in a variety of ways. One was the “Slipper Flywheel,” a device which took the form of a friction-disc clutch and flywheel mounted at the front of the crankshaft. The “Slipper Flywheel” became a standard component of Rolls-Royce motorcoaches from 1911 to the present day. Yet Rolls-Royce’s success was not based on innovation—the history of automobiles is filled with radical innovations that fell by the wayside. Instead, Rolls-Royce concentrated on details. Meticulous attention was paid to every aspect of construction: gears were cut to finer accuracy than anywhere in the world; more skilled workmen than in other factories were employed; and only the finest bodies from the finest coachbuilders were fitted onto the Rolls-Royce chassis. The result was an automobile that rode more smoothly with less trouble than any car of its time.


Now, the extraordinary 1911 Rolls-Royce Tourer is re-created in a remarkable die-cast replica from Franklin Mint Precision Models. Accurate in every detail, from the sumptuous coach to the six-cylinder engine to the unmistakable “Spirit of Ecstasy” mascot on the hood, your 1911 Rolls-Royce Tourer is a handsome re-creation that captures the very spirit of this automobile which holds such a revered place in the annals of automotive history.


Limited Edition of 1,500



Technical Specifications

•Engine: Six-Cylinders, In-Line, L-Head

•Displacement: 429 Cubic Inches

•Horsepower: Estimated 48 BHP @ 1,250 RPM

•Wheelbase: 135.5 Inches

•Weight: Typically 3,360 Pounds

•Carburetion: Rolls-Royce Two-Jet, Water-Heated, Semi-Displacement

•Ignition: Dual with Magneto and Trembler Coil

•Transmission: Sliding Pinion with Cone Clutch, Fully Floating Live Axle


Operating Features

•Steering: The front wheels can be positioned for display.

•Hood: The top hood panel opens to about 90 degrees and the lower hood panel folds in, remaining relatively vertical.

•Road Wheels/Spare Tire: The four road wheels and spare tire are permanently mounted.


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