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Plymouth 1970 HEMI Cuda Mod Top Limited Edition of 1.000


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Plymouth 1970 HEMI Cuda Mod Top Limited Edition

It was a time when horsepower ruled. Chrysler made its mark with its HEMI® engine and the undeniable leader, the Plymouth Barracuda. Combining the powerhouse engine and the Barracuda design, Chrysler reached the pinnacle of Muscle Car production, with the meanest, most powerful ‘Cuda ever.


Worldwide Limited Edition 1,000


Muscle Cars were heard revving their engines at every street light. From the late 1960s to the early 1970s, car manufacturers kept upping the ante so that each new offering boasted more power, larger engines and more pizzazz! In this competitive spirit, automobiles were designed to out-drag, out-rev and out-gas-guzzle each other.


Truly, one of the leaders of this pack was Chrysler, who made its mark among the Muscle Cars with its Hemi® engine. And among Chrysler’s Hemi®-equipped cars, the leader was undoubtedly the Plymouth Barracuda. With the combination of the Hemi® engine and the Barracuda design, Chrysler had reached the pinnacle of Muscle Car production, for it was the meanest, most powerful, fastest Barracuda ever to cruise the streets of America.


The 1970 Hemi® ’Cuda had a huge Shaker scoop that was standard on the 426 Hemis®, underneath which sat a power that had few equals. With twin Carter AFB (aluminum four-barrel) carburetors, the 426 Hemi® produced an extraordinary 425 horsepower, an engine that certainly could flex its muscle at any straight-away. Complementing this reputation for speed and enhancing the ’Cuda’s appeal was the car’s Rallye Instrument Cluster, which included a 150mph speedometer and an 8,000 rpm tachometer.


The groovy ’60s were fading away, but the fashion and “flower power” vibe were in full swing at your local Plymouth dealership. In 1970, the floral-patterned “mod top” could be ordered from the factory in place of the standard black or white vinyl tops on the Barracuda and ’Cuda lines. You could order your car with or without matching mod top interior, depending on your “groove.” Several other patterns and colors were available throughout the Chrysler model lines. However, only one HEMI®-powered ’Cuda was ever delivered from the factory with the mod top option as originally installed.


Now, this one-of-a-kind rarity is re-created in an authorized, precision-engineered replica, crafted in authentic detail by Franklin Mint Precision Models. From the fully detailed re-creation of that massive Hemi® under the hood to the “hockey stick” graphics on the fenders and Rallye Instrument Cluster, your 1970 Plymouth Hemi® ’Cuda Mod Top Limited Edition is certain to be a treasured showpiece in your die-cast collection.



Approximately 7 3/4" (19.7 cm) in length. Scale 1:24.

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