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1960 Chevrolet® Corvair™ 50th Anniversary - Limited Edition


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1960 Chevrolet® Corvair™ 50th Anniversary - Limited Edition

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In October 2, 1959, Chevrolet® introduced its first Corvair™. It was a radical departure from what Americans were used to seeing come off the production lines. Its unique air-cooled, rear-mounted engine, rear-mounted transaxle drive, suspension system and compact size set it apart from the large “land yachts” that Detroit had been producing for so long. Although the car was only a little more than four feet high and just fifteen feet in length, it was built to seat six and was offered in both two-door coupe and four-door sedan models.

In February 1960 at the Chicago Auto Show, a sporty two-door club coupe Corvair™ was introduced as a show car—the Corvair™ Monza. The production version appeared within months. Based on the Corvair™ 700 Deluxe series, the Monza featured bucket seats (which now made it a 5-passenger car), optional sun roof and folding rear seat. It was available in a choice of three different interior trims and came with an array of amenities—from dual horns to exterior chrome molding. In all, 11,926 models of the 1960 Corvair™ Monza would be produced.

Named Motor Trend magazine’s "Car of the Year" for 1960, the Corvair™ was a perhaps the most significant automobile of the postwar era—and the Monza was the sportiest of them all.

Now, in celebration of the 50-year anniversary since the launch of the Corvair™, this iconic engineering marvel is re-created in a precision-engineered 1:24 scale model––the 1960 Chevrolet® Corvair™ 50th Anniversary Limited Edition. Authentic in every detail...from the horizontally-opposed engine block to the fin-less rear deck and grille-less front with the button-nose ornament...this authentic re-creation is as unique as the original. Hand-painted in two-toned red and white, your model features a tri-toned interior scheme, all combining to guarantee this die-cast masterpiece a place of pride in your treasured collection.

Limited Edition of 1,500 Worldwide


Approximately 7 1/4" (18.4 cm) in length. Scale 1:24.

Technical Specifications

•Engine: Flat 6-cylender, OHV, horizontally opposed, rear mounted

•Displacement: 139.6 Cubic Inches

•Horsepower: 80 BHP @4400

•Bore & Stroke: 3.38 x 2.60 Inches

•Induction System: 2 Single Barrel Rochester Carburetors

•Wheelbase: 108 inches


Operating Features

•Doors: Your model's doors are hinged in the front.

•Steering Wheel: The front wheels can be positioned for display.

•Suspension: Your model comes with a functioning suspension.

•Trunk: Your model's trunk opens.

•Hood: As on the original car, the hood is hinged.

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