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Jordglob Columbus Duo - Golvmodell Handtillverkad i handblåst kristall glas 51 cm T205162


Artikelnummer: 9783871298196

Skickas av oss inom 8 - 12 vardagar.

28850 kr



Jordglob Columbus Duo - Golv jordglob 51 cm T205162

Ett otroligt magnifikt hantverk

Handtillverkad i handblåst Kristall glas

Fot i massiv valnöt.

Merdian i mässing.

Kartan har engelsk text 

Ca 4.900 namngivna platser

Höjd ca 120 cm med foten inkluderad

Skala 1:25 000 000

Försedd med inbyggd belysning. Du ansluter jordgloben till ett vanligt ojordat- eller jordat vägguttag.

Glödlampa ingår, och är lätt att byta vid behov.

Tillverkad i Tyskland




Artikelnummer: 4260234440003


Skickas omgående

for talking globes (only for globes with TING system)  Se jordglob T203451   Simply tip the globe with the TING-pen and get information in spoken form about the country you are interested in. The TING-pen is not only a valuable learning tool for children but also great entertainment for the whole family.   The TING-pen has the following features:   USB port for charging the pen and for downloading additional audio content  Headphone connection Integrated speakers Play/pause button On/Off button How does it work? Incuded in the delivery of this globe is a description of the  TING-pen and an activation card. When switching on the globe, touch the activation card and an acoustic signal confirming the activation will sound. Now it is possible to connect the TING-pen to your computer and to download the audio content. Your TING-pen is now ready to use.
The pen has a capacity of 1.8 GB and is also compatible with the products of manufacturers such as Ravensburger, Kosmos and Langenscheid.

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