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The Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World


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The Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World

Complete with a slipcase and stunning 1922 archive world map, a revised and updated special signature edition of the world's most prestigious and authoritative world atlas

Now in its 13th edition, this atlas is relied on and trusted by governments around the world and international organizations, including the UN, the European Commission, and media companies, to be a benchmark of cartographic excellence. All the maps and detailed thematic information are completely updated with the latest geographical and geopolitical changes—an estimated 20,000 updates with 3,500 changes to place names alone. Format: 32cm x 46cm.

Vikt: 5 kg.
Edition 2011.

Bredd / Höjd / Ryggbredd 325 x 470 x 50
Vikt 5900 gram

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